He Gets Me

A lot of times you hear me talk about my venture making signs and the privilege that for every step I take,  I have my sister (in law) Vickie to do it with. She sells the tees and I sell … Read More

What Rules?

Don’t you hate when you weren’t going to do something, then someone gives you a little nudge and it won’t leave your mind? Yes well, that’s what inspired this blog post.

Living a "Vivid" life

This past week I had the privilege to tag along to Florida with my husband while he went for business. I almost stayed home because I was behind on projects that I wanted to get done but decided to put … Read More

Valentine’s Pop Up

At the beginning of this year, Vickie and I sat down with our planners and got to work on ways we could build our businesses, things we could do different this year and basically saw what worked and what didn’t. … Read More

2018 – I see hearts in your future

Just in case you thought I was hibernating for the winter…think again! This brain doesn’t stop and I’m still cranking out signs left and right, just working on the logistics of it all. 

Pop Up on Main St.

If you are local and in the area this weekend, please come out and visit me, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law as we set up shop deep in the heart of Deep Ellum!!

Witnessing a Christmas Miracle

I’ve mentioned that I’m an avid Hallmark movie junkie and it’s become family tradition to watch them every December. What I didn’t realize when I wrote my last blog post was that I’d experience one first hand.


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