What if someone said you could have a fresh start? Just wipe the slate and start off clean? What would you do different in your life?

When I work with wood, It’s like looking at a clean slate. I love it’s smell, the way that it’s rings tell a story,  and the best part is it’s a blank canvas. A way to tell a new story whether with paint, some stain, or simply leaving it raw. Which is why when I craft with wood, it symbolizes so much for me and I hope for you too.


Each sign is hand crafted with you in mind. I hand pick each plank of wood, cut, sand, paint or stain, and design each piece for you. The purpose behind my product, is like the wood telling it’s own story, I believe you have one to tell too. I also believe that it’s worth telling. We have our own “process” we go through in life, just like the wood you see here. Only the end result of these signs are to remind you to to tell it, live it, and SHOUT IT!


I’m not going to lie, I am one of the most  sun-shiny people you’ll ever meet, I wear my heart on my sleeves, I can be a little too much, and my signs will probably reflect all of that too. Trust me, there are worse things in life! But when I look at my journey, my purpose, and where I am in my life today, I like the idea of spreading a little “SHINE” around too. I’m quite colorfully-bubbly and so are the signs I make, but guess what?! I welcome you into my colorful world with open arms!