Your Shine Sign

Don’t Give a Guac!

2 Robyn

I thought it would be a cute twist to introduce you to a friend who’s Shine Sign is a little different than where I’m pretty sure you thought I was going with all this. Where I’m all about family sayings, we all shine in our own right and “Your Shine Sign” should reflect that . After all, that’s what sets us apart.

What I love most about Robyn’s sign isn’t just that it was fun to make, but it really showcases her well. My daughter Ashley met Robyn in college. They were in the same sorority together. I’ve learned over the years little things about Robyn that typically have me rolling in hysterics or make me want to get behind her and support her cause! She’s just that type of girl. When Ashley told me about Robyn’s love of Avocado’s, well, let’s just say I added her to my roster of “there has to be a sign for her”.

I asked Robyn if she wouldn’t mind a feature in my blog and sent her some questions for me to pick and choose from. Well in typical “Robyn” fashion, she cracked me up and I decided it all needed to be shared. Here’s a little bit more about Robyn and her sign:

Tell me in a few sentences about yourself.

My name is Robyn Eichorn and I’m a (newly) 24 year-old living in Denton, TX! I currently work as a Graduate Assistant in the University of North Texas’ Division of Student Affairs, and am beginning my GRADUATING semester of my master’s program this fall, and will graduate with my master’s in Higher Education this December! Outside of work and school, I can be found practicing yoga, free handing new recipes in the kitchen, impulse buying succulents, and practicing amateur calligraphy!

Tell me some of the awesome fantastic things you’ve done.

As an undergraduate, I became very involved in my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta; I served as chapter President, Membership Vice President, and a colorful array of chair positions. This involvement is what generated my passion in working with college students, primarily those involved in Greek-letter organizations. To better learn how to serve students, I’ve taken on roles to work with college students first hand from leadership development summits, speaking during educational sessions in conferences, and giving back to my own organization!

2 Guac

Why Avocado’s?

I really, truly love avocados and everything about them: their health benefits, versatility, and visual aesthetic as they’re quickly becoming a decorative trend. I just can’t get enough! I love avocados, they’re delicious, and I DON’T CARE THAT GUAC IS EXTRA! [insert hair flip emoji]

When someone sees this sign, why do they think of you?

Anyone who has met me more than once or has sat down at a meal with me has probably heard me talk about avocados at least once. I get tagged in all kinds of avocado-related posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, as a fiercely independent young woman, the “I don’t give a guac” phrase also fits. Fears aside, I do what I want to get what I want. While I have a high level of compassion for others, at the end of the day I work towards my goals, and I do not let the small things set me back.


One thing I absolutely love about Robyn is her character! She’s that cute, lovable, girl next door with a heart of gold but DO NOT GET IN HER WAY! She will not give a “guac” and she’ll let you know it too! Thanks Robyn!

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