When I was little, there were three of us girls growing up. Coming from the traditional Hispanic family, my grandma would sometimes get us girls do an assembly line and make tortillas. I actually never quite got the hang of it, nor ANY of her cooking skills for that matter, although my sister did (eye roll) but I digress. What I do remember about making those tortillas was not shaping the dough and spreading them into a flat circular orb, NOOOOO, it was spelling my name and making shapes because who doesn’t want their name spelled out in tortillas??

What I’m saying is for as long as I can remember I have always, ALWAYS thought outside the norm in terms of creating, crafting and imagination and it typically got me in trouble. I’ve lived in a colorful world that not a lot of people get to visit. I’ve worked my normal 9-5 jobs but what I do outside of those walls is what usually gets people asking me “when do you find time to sleep?”. Because for me, life isn’t about getting up, walking through life and going to bed at night. Nope, it’s about painting, dreaming, creating, re-purposing, and it doesn’t stop there. I’m the kind of friendly soul that will have a full on conversation with someone going up or down the elevator. I’ve made friends at fast food places because I take the time to talk to them. I’ve been told I’m too nice. But what it all amounts to is, this is who I am. It’s what I’m all about.

When I talk about brands and how if you have your own business, your BRAND is a major reflection of who you are, I mean exactly that. So when it came time to come up with a name for my business of making signs and my “brand”, I was at a loss. I tried asking family and friends for help but together we didn’t really come up with too much. It was a hard task to ask of them because it was MY name for MY business and branding it had  to say something about ME and what MY business was about. Get it…me, me, me.  But regardless I couldn’t come up with anything which was really hard to swallow.

I looked at different sayings, puns and even scriptures. I’d finally come up with something, then a few people would like it while others, not so much. I prayed about it. NOTHING CAME and no one gave me the answer I needed.

Then one day (like all those other “one day” stories that happen eventually), I came up with the name [insert angels singing]. After that, branding  became easy! I used elements that I love like chevron, a cute font , and don’t forget the “Shine” which  I LOVE most of all.  Again, it wasn’t as difficult once I figured out the “me” in all of this.

“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love” – Geothe

What was funny was when I told my friends and family the name I came up with. Do you know what their reaction was? They all said “this is SO you”. And that’s the point, right?!

The thing is, your brand really is an extension of you. It’s what you’re good at or do best.  It’s also what makes your business unique and sets you apart from everyone else. We are all unique yet there is something in each of us that we’ve had since birth that glows the most.

These are the stories I want to share. A brand is a direct reflection of it’s creator and I want to share the stories behind those reasons and what started it all.

I can’t wait to share some of the local businesses I’ve been privileged to make a sign for, and share that with you in the upcoming weeks. So please share on Facebook or Instagram. Trust me there is nothing better than supporting your local small business!!I Not to mention some of these people have some crazy unbelievable skills that you may seriously need in your life!!

“It’s in the act of making things and doing our work that we figure out who we are”  – Austin Kleon

Before I forget, I have to mention that my sister – ‘ahem…the one with the mad cooking skills, never leaves her sister nor nieces without any of her handmade tortillas or amazing food which we devour. I’m glad she got those cooking skills and can’t wait for the day I’m promoting her business as well! (Love you Dre)

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    • I was telling someone the tortilla story just today! And don’t forget you told Sammy when the girls were barely school age that if you died he needed to tell them to put some SHINE on their lips. You are just a shining star!!

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