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If you read last week’s post you know your brand says a lot about you. They say that first impressions are so important, well so is your brand. In most cases your brand will let people know what you do before you even start telling them.

That said, I’m going to introduce you to Vickie, my sister-in-law and quite frankly, one of my favorite people in the world. In fact, the “in-law’ part is just there for show really. Heck, if you look at our phone bill and compare them to how much our spouses (who really are brothers) talk to each other, oh we’d out win them by miles! She truly is amazing, just ask anyone who knows her!!

Being kindred spirits, we like many of the same things, have a lot of the same aspirations, thrive on dreamers living the dream, and did I mention coffee?! Yeah she loves it just about as much as I do! So when Vickie and I get together for coffee, look out world (and Michael’s) because we make goals for days, write them down in our pretty planners, and hold each other accountable, which is awesome. She’s my cheerleader and I am hers.

If you haven’t heard of Vickie’s blog The Sweet Hive, I can’t stress enough how much you’re missing out. Vickie puts her love for God into her art of writing and what she comes up with is inspirational. She is an everyday person, living an everyday life, yet she goes online and posts stories we can all relate to with her own twist of faith.

You can also purchase one (or all) of Vickie’s faith based tee’s which are beautiful, comfortable, and quite honestly, I never knew a t-shirt could be so fashionable. She’s taught me that they can!

4 Tees

Ok, grab your coffee (or tea!) and I’ll let Vickie tell you about her driving force behind –
I believe The Sweet Hive is different things for different people because you have an awesome way of writing about life and tying it all up in a way that leaves people like me, with a better perspective on every day views, struggles and just life in general. What is it about The Sweet Hive that gets you “moving & shaking” among your already busy life?

First, thank you for the sweet words.  The Sweet Hive was created from a passion God placed in my heart and a gift of writing.  Now, I am not the best writer, but I have a way of connecting with others (especially women).  I wrote something down in my journal last night, “God, let me have a heart for you and for serving others.”  I think this is what gets me moving and shaking – loving God, and loving others enough to share God with them.  Some people will never go to church, but I know they will read my blog posts.  To me, that is what motivates me.

You and I were lucky enough to go see Christy Wright in San Antonio this year where we learned that our brand was essentially a part of us. What is it about the Sweet Hive that screams Vickie? 

Well, I’m all about inspiration and I’m all about Jesus!  The ultimate inspiration is found in the Bible.  Some of us don’t go to church or read the bible, but we do have a few minutes to read a blog post.  A branch of The Sweet Hive is also the t-shirt line.  I love fashion, so it’s only natural that God also placed this dream in my heart.  Wear your faith and be reminded of God’s truth and I promise you will catch eyes and ears of people.  It’s a quick way to start a conversation and if you are an introvert like me, you can even preach the gospel without having to speak at all. 

4 TSH1 4 TSH3  4 TSH2

When I say we all shine, I can say without a doubt that your shine is your faith, your family values, and the way you’re so vested in church and share it with everyone around you. Not to mention your fashion sense,  so when you mix it all together, you get  Sweet Hive Tee’s. One of your shirts even says “I love Jesus a latte”!  How would you say this “Shiny” part of you plays into your blog and tees?

I get my fashion sense from my mom.  If you pull up old photos of her, or even get the chance to catch her on a Sunday at Fellowship Church, you will see this woman loves style and I was lucky enough to be the apple that did not fall far from the tree.  Fashion doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  What I love most about fashion, is that fashion is an expression of who you are. No trend or fashion flop is right or wrong, no matter what the magazines tell you.  Creating faith based tees started as a solution for myself.  I wanted to wear shirts that were faith based but were also cool and hip – not to mention comfortable and affordable. God started nudging me and I started following.  I’ve struggled because I tend to doubt and compare, but I’ve learned God placed this journey to help me with those very exact feelings.  He is helping me shine in the areas I feel less confident.

We’ve only just begun our venture and I’m excited to see where it all goes. I get inspiration from your blog every Wednesday and your shirts are just a reminder that “we got this”! When people see “The Sweet Hive”, either on a shirt or a shared blog post, what is it you want them to think about or remember?

I really want people to know the God I know.  Once you get to know Him, you will love Him just as I do.

You can visit Vickie online at:

blog :



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