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Croquette–The Meaning of “Deep Fried Love”

7 croquette

I’m sending a warning right now – if you haven’t eaten already, do so now because we are talking food today and not the gluten free variety. Nope, we are talking DEEP FRIED LOVE people! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

We all start somewhere right? Well I think it’s safe to say that Greg and I started our ventures around the same time. He and his partner Chris, started selling their Croquette’s at the Dallas Farmers market earlier this year. They called me up when they needed a sign for their booth and I made my first sign for an actual business for them (happy tears). Since starting at the Farmers market, they have been featured in D Magazine and are setting up pop-up shops locally.

7 D Mag

I’m so excited for them and where they’re headed so I asked Greg if I could feature he and Chris on the blog. I will probably repeat myself like a thousand times on here, but EVERYONE  has a talent. Whether it’s your gift of talking to people, caring for others, cooking, painting, etc. You are good at something. It’s where you excel and what you love to do!


Where these guys shine is certainly their food. They are dreamers chasing their dream and reaping the rewards from their success…or heck maybe we’re the ones reaping the rewards. Have you tasted their food?!

 When I made your sign (a while back) I saw the fryers and thought “I wonder what a Croquette is? “, can you tell me what the term means?
A croquette is a delicious ball of deep fried love. They’re Spanish by origin, but countries all over the world have their take on them. Ours, being inspired by the Cuban croqueta of Miami, are made with rich béchamel sauce and many different fillings.

7 food3

I’ve explained in a few posts now that I love to hear the history behind what’s on the sign. I know this is yours and Chris’s passion but what lead you both here? 
I moved here a few years ago to be an intern at the Dallas Morning News. Chris moved here a little over a year ago to pursue a new career. We’re both big foodies, and I spent a few years working as a cook and chef at a few restaurants. I loved cooking, but I didn’t ever want to work at a restaurant full time because it’s just a crazy commitment of time. Chris and I thought opening our own food business would be a good place that would let us work as much as we wanted while being creative and honoring the food our parents raised us with.

The thing I’m trying to promote on this blog is that we all shine in our own way. We each have a gift or a talent that we shouldn’t keep buried  because it’s what sets us apart.  What would you say sets Croquette apart?
I think what sets me and our business apart is that we love the food we were raised on. We have an emotional connection with croquetas, and to get to go out, make our own and share them with people is just really fulfilling.

7 food1  7 food2 

Next week I’ll introduce a young girl, only 14 who is starting a baking business. She is so gifted and to be that focused at such a young age is amazing.  Since she is going into the same industry as yourself, what advice would you give someone like her? 
I have two pieces of advice. If you love it, do it. You will doubt yourself, you won’t be sure if it’s worth it, do it. Cooking is an art, and as an artist, a lot of people won’t tell you you’re good enough, you’re the only one who decides if you’re good enough. Secondly, read and learn like crazy. In cooking, the world is full of incredible minds. Reading other people’s ideas and thought processes can help you shape your own palette.

Ok last shout out, where can we taste your amazing Croquette’s?
We’re a pop-up restaurant, so our dates and times very, but we’ll be doing a pop-up dinner at Ten Bells Tavern on September 30, tickets are available, so follow us on

You can also check them out at the shed in the Dallas Farmer’s market and follow them on instagram at @eatcroquette

But hurry before the are…

7 sold out

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