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We all live in a perfect world, have all the answers, everything is lovely and every one of our goals are being met right?! What?! No??


You mean your life is a chaotic mess, you forgot about that bill hitting your account,  and your kids aren’t being properly fed too? Sound about right??  Well same sister!!!

Of course I should have it all down now because I’m 43 and I’ve done my time. I’d say I’m due. Yeah well the answer to that is yes and no. Yes I’ve put my time in. No the things I want won’t magically happen. Yes I know how I want my life to be. No I don’t have any Idea on how to get there…BUT…I’m learning,  and I’m about to share some of that with you.

INTRODUCING Vanessa Reyes…Life coach and super sweet friend! We met at the Trunk Show and I made a sign for her about life coaching. Once we got to talking and became instant friends (because I have that power), she told me she wanted to coach me. Uhmm… help me figure out my life? YES Please! Sign me up!

So that’s what we are doing. She’s coaching me and I’m listening and putting things into action. I’ve been told told by Ashley (my daughter) that I have a tendency to go into “infomercial mode” and start to sound like I’m selling whatever it is I’m talking about…yeah well..super power #2, what can I say! With that though I will say that my week #1 with Vanessa was eye opening. I felt like she gave me a Life Diet plan and I lost 3 lbs the first week! Not even kidding.

With that I’ll ask her more about Life Coaching and what the heck that means and I hope you’ll stay with me till the end because she has an offer for you that you can’t refuse!

What exactly is a Life Coach?

I don’t want to speak for other life coaches, because quite frankly I don’t play by the rules. LOL. But for me, Here is what I do…

I am a Life Coach who helps Women become the Best Version of themselves. I do this by helping my clients create a vision for their life that’s so delicious and so incredibly attractive, that they will stop at nothing to have it! If you are a woman who isn’t 100% living a life you love, I will help you figure out Why and What to do about it.

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How would you describe the journey from the initial call to the end result?

Oh the journey, the most beautiful part of life. I need to do the “shimmy” a couple of times while I answer this question, because you see once you fall in love with your journey, that’s where the magic begins to happen. My coaching sessions are designed with your Future-Self in mind. From the first time we speak to our last session, my goal is to help you get from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be) in all areas of your Life. Each week we will create an Action Plan that fits your schedule and helps you reach your goals so that you may step into the Life you’ve always wanted. Anytime you face a challenge, we will work through it and you will no longer be allowed to sweep it under a rug. I will hold you accountable for what you say you want, and at the same time, I will be cheering you along the way! Think of me as part Cheerleader, part Tough Love Coach. My job is to help you set-up the conditions for inevitable success and make sure you stick to it! You will no longer stay stuck, confused, or frustrated with your journey, because I will teach you how to break bad habits and how to continue your journey even after we work together.

What is it about this career that gets you excited and basically sells itself?

The possibilities. I truly believe that the earth’s axis will tilt if more women start living the life they were created for. As a woman who has struggled for many years not understanding her worth nor her purpose, I get it! Most of us are just not able to see this vision for ourselves, because we probably never had to. But if you want a life that inspires others, you must start living that life, today. Being a Life Coach allows me to give my clients PERMISSION to live that kind of Life. The permission they won’t give themselves, for whatever reason. Some of us are guilty for wanting more, others of us feel we don’t deserve it, but no matter what you face, it’s my mission to help you see beyond these circumstances.

What was it that made you say want to do this?

Well to be honest, there were a couple of things that I went through that made me decide “Coaching” is what I want to do in my life. The first time I realized this was during a 7-year battle with depression. I remember thinking, “Lord, if I can get through this, I will make it my mission to help women never have to go through this!” It was literally thinking about my future-self and the future women I’d be helping, that sparked this ambition in me. Coaching isn’t therapy nor counseling, it’s knowing what you want your future-self to look like, creating that pathway, and taking action towards it! One baby step at a time.

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My long and scary journey out of depression would have been a lot easier had I understood this second thing that changed things for me. That “thing” was Proverbs 3:5-6. This scripture became the major turning point in my life. This scripture painted a vision so clear for me that I have never gone back to my old self again! Reading this over and over in my cubicle for months, gave me purpose… “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.” In a nutshell, here was my problem, I didn’t Trust GOD! The “Trust” part is what tripped me up! I kept thinking that as long as I knew what I should be doing and if I’m doing it, everything will fall into place. Right? But it didn’t! I couldn’t see past my limiting belief, I couldn’t trust GOD because I was so sure that I was in control of my depression. Being in control is one thing, but not allowing God to do His thing is something none of us are equipped for. Coaching helps shine the light of what’s in our control and what isn’t, so that our path becomes much clearer.

For me, one of my limiting beliefs was not trusting God, but for others it can be self-doubt, fear, or the lack of self-confidence. When we are forced to recognize what are limiting beliefs are, then we can begin to take control over what’s in our control, and not worry about what isn’t.

Coaching takes the stress out of creating the life you want, the life you REALLY want.”

As simple as it is for me to tell my clients what they should or should not do, I don’t do that. Why? Because I’d be robbing them from creating the life they truly want. My coaching sessions are meant to help my clients push through all their limiting beliefs, because what my clients really want is to transform from the inside out. When you transform from the inside out, you begin to create lifelong change. The kind that doesn’t fade! Which is what happened for me, till this day no matter how many times I’ve failed, I have never slipped back into depression. I’ve learned how to transform my life and that is exactly what I want all women to experience in their own way.

If you are reading this and you’ve never thought about Life Coaching before, but maybe just maybe you’re interested now… Here are a few questions you could ask yourself…

  • If nothing was standing in your way, what would you want to change about your life and why?
  • What is the story you’ve been telling yourself that has kept you from becoming the Best Version of yourself?
  • What kind of person do you need to be today, in order to be that version?

I encourage you to step into curiosity. If you are curious about coaching, follow the link below and book a 45-minute Discovery Session with me, for free.


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