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Thankful, Grateful, & Blessed

13 thankful

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, what it means to us and our families and we also take time to reflect on what we are thankful for.

This year I’ve experienced great things and not so great things. I’ve met new people and had new experiences and with each low point there has been an even greater high. All of which I am grateful for.

13 Finley

From a business aspect, the two (family + business) pretty much go hand in hand for me. What I make and create typically aren’t just words to hang on a wall. They can actually be something that means “family” like little Finley’s sign. Her family’s love of Disney’s movie Milo and Stitch who coined the phrase “Ohana means family”,  is something they’ve carried on to their new family. I made this sign for Finley’s room and I’m told she really LOVES it (and I would NEVER want to displease this girl)!

I was also contacted by Patricia who is recently married. She needed a sign made by Thanksgiving and showed me a picture of something she’d had her eye on. We took measurements, picked fonts and a few designs later, she got her new sign. Well sign’s…she ordered a scripture sign too!! 🙂

13 Patricia

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for so many things. Of course ALWAYS my family, friends and health, but this year in particular, I’m adding this sign-making adventure to that list. For putting smiles on peoples faces whom I wouldn’t have otherwise and for the people who’ve allowed me to make something for their home this year. It’s been awesome and I appreciate you!

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you eat way too much!!

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