Witnessing a Christmas Miracle


I’ve mentioned that I’m an avid Hallmark movie junkie and it’s become family tradition to watch them every December. What I didn’t realize when I wrote my last blog post was that I’d experience one first hand.

Last week (Wednesday/Thursday) I witnessed such a miracle and in the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to share my story with you.

I typically take my lunch breaks around 1pm in the afternoon but on Wednesday I was STARVING by 11:30. When I couldn’t take it any longer I decided to leave early for lunch. As I walked onto our office building parking lot, I noticed money swirling around on the side walk. There was no one around (and I looked) so I gathered the dollar bills and walked to the car. I saw that a $100 bill was poking out of my hand and my initial reaction was to look up at the sky and ask God “ really??”. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I didn’t see it as a “thank you God, Christmas presents here I come!!” moment at all. I can’t describe to you what I felt, but it was more so of a “great, why are you showing me this…”. Again, I don’t know why that was my reaction but it was. When I got to my car I put the cash in my glove compartment for safe keeping. I figured after picking up lunch and going to my chiropractor appointment, I’d try to find the owner of this money.

In total I found $240. I knew this was probably someone’s Christmas money so I was pretty adamant on finding the owner. I never found them that evening and was originally going to try again the following morning, but I had another turn of events in store for me.

That evening was our church group so I picked up my sister-in-law and we went to our group meeting. I told her about the money I found and she couldn’t believe it. I mean how does this even happen??

During our meeting, our leader Lacey told us about a woman we all know in our church who, for a lack of a better term, has an unfathomable backstory. The gist of her story is she had a hard upbringing which lead to her having a set of twins when she was very young and lost parental rights to. They were adopted by a family member and thought to have a better life, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she’d learned they had been severely abused and lead horrific, traumatic pasts.  Given the fact that she had no rights, there was nothing she could do but over the course of a year or so, she was able to slowly gain access to parts of their lives. The last we had heard, the boys were coming to visit her for the holidays. On Wednesday, we were told that CPS allowed the boys to live with their mom full time. You can imagine how she must feel gaining her boys back.  I can’t imagine the joy she felt but also the burden of now having two teenage boys to feed and clothe along with her toddler son and father. All of whom live in a small home. After the meeting I was compelled to give Lacey the money to take to her and she did.

Well, although I knew in my heart that this was meant to be, it still wore on me that this could be someone’s Christmas money I just gave away so as I do every morning in the car, I prayed. I prayed that God would bless this stranger with an abundant amount of money to cover what I had cost them.

That afternoon I left work later than usual preparing for our company holiday party.  As I walked out to the parking lot, there was an older gentleman trying to open the hood of his car. I asked if he needed help (not that I’m mechanically inclined at all) but asked anyway. He said his battery had died and he didn’t have jumper cables. I didn’t either but knew someone still in the office upstairs might. As we talked and waited for a coworker to come to the rescue I asked him if by some chance he lost money the day before. He said he had and asked if I happened to find it. I just slumped my shoulders and nodded. I told him I did in fact find his money but gave it away that night. I told him about the woman’s story and promised I’d repay him somehow.

I couldn’t believe it when he told me not to . He said he felt that she needed it and it was meant for me to find it and give it to her. To say I was speechless…well I’m sure you understand. I couldn’t believe this stranger who had apparently lost $2,300 that day, wasn’t mad at all and in fact, glad that I found his money and gave it to someone who needed it.  I assured him I’d only found around $200 of that money but nonetheless, it was now in other hands. 

I told him about my prayer that morning and still could not believe that in the almost 2 years I’ve worked here I’ve never seen this man before and of all days, that day, his battery died and I happen to be the one (the only one) coming out of the building that evening. That wasn’t coincidence at all. It was all God! He agreed we were meant to meet and he said we were both chosen to be messengers of that money going into the right hands. 

We finally got his car started and I hugged him as we parted ways. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

It was the most amazing experience I’ve felt in a very long time and I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I feel because of it. When I talked to Vickie (my sister-in-law) that evening to tell her how the rest of the story played out, she reminded of when I asked God “why me”. She said not many people would have treated that money the way I did. He put it in my path because He knew I’d take it to where it needed to go. I hope that’s true in all the things I do and I hope in hearing this story you are compelled to offer a little kindness somewhere you wouldn’t otherwise. It may not be a leading role in your own Christmas miracle movie like I feel I was last week, but you never know when the opportunity will arise for you to experience a small miracle for yourself!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Our faithfulness matters to God and we will receive His blessing in this lifetime and in the next

2 thoughts on “Witnessing a Christmas Miracle”

  1. This is so encouraging and amazing and just a sneak peek of how exciting it is to get caught up in doing God’s work. I don’t know that there is anything more rewarding than being certain God worked through you in a specific way!!! Go Rita!!!


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