2018 – I see hearts in your future


Just in case you thought I was hibernating for the winter…think again! This brain doesn’t stop and I’m still cranking out signs left and right, just working on the logistics of it all. 

One exciting thing happening in the next couple of months is a better web page and I’ll explain what I mean. Do you remember when you were in high school and you bought that cute pair of jeans that looked totally awesome on you and fit you to a tee? Then eventually you grew up and out! And when you put them back on it looked like the pants themselves were performing the Heimlich maneuver on you? Well case in point, this site doesn’t fit what I need anymore…which is good! This means I’m growing up and out.

I still want a place to tell my stories and I love that I have a place to share them. This blog has served its purpose in that regard. I love to have the opportunity of sharing the story behind the signs I make, and believe it or not, people love to hear stories about other people. But there is still so much more I need and so I’m working with a friend to help me get to where I need to go.

What else is going on? Well that’s where I was going with this blog title. Since every day isn’t a “custom sign” kind of day, I’ve been hard at work with my seasonal signs as well.

  1. Because everyone needs a last minute seasonal gift
  2. Because I’m a holiday inspired kind of girl.
  3. Because I love to paint and I will!
  4. Because I’m festive, I love to paint and you need a gift. So, all of the above 🙂

You know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you don’t want to forget the people you love. That goes for coworkers as well and I’ve got you covered!! BUT you’ll have to check Instagram @yourshinesign to see what I have for you. If you’re not on Instagram and are reading this blog… EMAIL ME… I promise I can send you pictures if you ask me to. I’m a nice enough friend I promise~! Some of my signs are one of a kind meaning I used reclaimed wood (more on this topic later) so first come first serve if you want it. Others can be ordered but I’ll let you know in the comments.

** Starting in February I’ll post a picture a day of each of my 14ish designs SO CHECK IT OUT DAILY @yourshinesign

Eventually you can just place an order here or order directly from this site. Fingers crossed but this is what I’m working on.

Hope you all had happy holidays!

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