Valentine’s Pop Up


At the beginning of this year, Vickie and I sat down with our planners and got to work on ways we could build our businesses, things we could do different this year and basically saw what worked and what didn’t. I guess that’s the good thing of beginning stages of business building is that there’s all sorts of room to grow however,  there are also pot holes we don’t know how to avoid. Vickie and I basically just hold hands and jump in together. This year we’re trying to avoid those pot holes, but at least we know it’s a team effort and there’s someone there to pull us out if we find ourselves stuck in one.

One thing we did do was look at the calendar for the year and see where and when we could sell our items even factoring in that some of those times would merely be to get our name out there. So, we did some research, picked some days and venues and our first “official” pop-up for the year will just happen to be on my birthday – Feb. 3 in Deep Ellum (Dallas TX).

What we liked about this spot is for one, it’s kind of like having your own brick and mortar shop (one can dream), and two, we like the fact that throughout the year, you’ll know where you can find us. Those were the top two anyway.  The other is that we kind of fell in love with the girl who rented the space to us! But regardless, we are working on getting to be more visible this year!

While we don’t have more concrete dates on the calendar we at least have ball park time frames that work within our schedules and won’t make us too terribly crazy. You’ll want to make sure you’re following along on Instargram and Facebook or you can always pop back here and I’ll announce as I go along.

The other thing I want to leave you with is a great big thank you! It means a lot to know I have a tribe behind me that push me forward. You never know where a “share” will lead, or emailing a post to someone who you think it might interest might mean. It’s all the little things that matter in Big ways so thank you!

The other day I left work and called my husband to tell him I was on my way home and that my back was giving me issues again. I couldn’t wait to go home to my heated blanket and do nothing…but then he quickly corrected me with “but you aren’t, are you?”. I told him “NOPE, I have signs to make first”.  Although I LOOOOOVE that heated blanket, it can wait for a dreamer living a dream and because of all of you who share, like, visit, and tell your friends, I’m able to live it.  So, thanks again!!

**Shout out to my daughter’s boyfriend Levi who gave me that heated blanket for Christmas. I love it so much and it has seriously changed my life! It can never warm my heart as much as you do but MY GOSH does it come close!

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