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Happy Valentine’s Day!


(Lavishly Loved sign designed by Monica at The Great Invitation)

Man, this year is already all hearts and roses…and well, cold, flu and hand sanitizer, but you can’t have the good times without a few pitfalls! Remember, it’s how we pick ourselves up and outta that bed that matters 🙂

Luckily enough I haven’t gotten sick (knock on wood!) but you may be wondering what I’ve done during the time that I’ve tried to keep myself secluded from germs. Well I’ll tell you. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks posting a few “Valentine’s Day” signs for you guys on Instagram. I thought at first that it would be harder since I’m not a daily-posting-prodigy like some are (that I envy) but you know what? I actually looked forward to it. In fact, I think I may miss it.

I’m not the picture-perfect person, neither behind the camera nor in front of it. I laughed at myself at one point because I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS been THAT mom whose kids went to school with the most awesome art projects. I mean we weren’t going to bed until their projects were spectacular, or their teachers/class gifts were the best, or that pumpkin looked exactly like Sponge Bob (true story). Yep I was that mom. The mom I’m sure the less creative moms hated. Well during this week of Valentines picture taking, I felt those other mom’s pain. LIKE FOR REAL!  The wind would blow all my ribbon or glitter. I’d cast my shadow on EVERYTHING! The photo editor I use, which comes with my laptop lol (because every photographer has her laptop default editing tools), would enhance the grain of the wood while distorting the actual sign #!#$%#*$ …exhausting!  You can imagine my joy when I got the ones I needed and got likes to boot. That was a treat! I appreciated every one of your “likes” haha! I felt like you felt my pain.

Truth was I found the unstaged photos came out the best. My most favorite being of my niece and her best friend.  I think I may use children more often, I liked them that much!!



When I originally started making these few Valentine’s signs I knew one thing for sure. I wanted to only use scraps of wood I had. Or what I call ‘reclaimed wood’. It’s the wood no one wants or can’t find a use for so it typically goes in the trash.  I love this wood!! Granted there are pieces that I know I can’t use and it breaks my heart to toss them but the ones I find that still have awesomeness…those are the ones I absolutely love. All of the wood I used were headed to the trash.  I’ll say that again, ALL of it. These signs I made weren’t so much to make big time $$ but just to take soon to be trash and turn it into something (I deem) beautiful and hopefully, a joy to look at.  I don’t think we realize how much beauty is in that. Not just physically but mentally. My sis-in-law has a shirt that says “check out my inner beauty” and I think I did with all the scraps I had. You’ll have to tell me what you think.

all heartsIMG_7788

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