Living a "Vivid" life


This past week I had the privilege to tag along to Florida with my husband while he went for business. I almost stayed home because I was behind on projects that I wanted to get done but decided to put them aside and go anyway. BEST DECISION EVER!

I’m not an outdoorsy girl at all but Florida just gets me! We went a couple of years ago with my girls and both times, it was like a different dimension for me. The weather is magnificent! Not to hot, but warm enough for sundresses(!!), and sunny enough for sunglasses but not enough to get a sunburn. There’s enough to do out there so you don’t have to stay at the beach of pool if you’re not a fan of water like me.

But this time around, just being able to have one-on-one time with my husband, and days and days of warmth, magic, and inspiration. It was just what this soul needed.

One thing I hoped to get out of this trip besides relaxing which I don’t do most days (weeks, months) was to take a break from life, daily push and pulls, and gain some sort of perspective. Well thank God, I got all that!

Here’s the deal. I work and work and work some more. I have a full-time job. Which I used to think If you had a side business or were beginning one, and work full time, it kind of made you lesser in one or both areas. Well it doesn’t, so if you’re thinking that way make it leave your mind now!! I don’t care how tired I am, how stretched I am, I take pride in what I do. Regardless of how mediocre, there is a lot to be said for the little or non-glam work we do. Take pride in it!

I volunteer AND attend a church group weekly. I may not make every meeting due to other obligations on a meet up night but I will support my tribe whomever you may be and you’ll know it. Smile

I hardly sleep. Most of that is due to two VERY needy pups whom I love dearly and whom missed their mommy while I was gone living the life. But sometimes I put so much in my mind that I think it has no choice but to run around in there to stay active, which as I said keeps me up at night.

I still have two girls at home who although are young adults…still need their mom. We try to spend “time” together as we can. I quoted that because time with Ashley (young adult #1) is spent watching movies, shopping, or having coffee! And Brianna (young adult #2) is most of the time at Michael’s, doctor visits (sad but true) and working on art projects right alongside me.

So what made things different by going to Florida?? Nothing. I’m still a wife, I’m still a mom, I still have a full-time job, I still have sign orders to do, I still have overweight needy dogs, I still, I still, I still…

But besides the obvious fact that I didn’t have all of this chomping at my heels and that it was only me and Sam on this trip, was this observation:

One of the days we were in Florida after having a “love you a latte coffee” that literally brought tears to my eyes, shopping, walking and just enjoying ourselves I wanted to take a picture. You probably already know I hate pictures of myself. I just do, but I wanted to capture the moment. As a guy approached us carrying a fist full of balloons I ran up to him and had Sam snap a quick shot. No posing, no angles, I just ran up, turned and smiled really quick and Sammy snapped a picture. I knew it was gonna come out bad. They all seem to. But I got his phone, looked at the picture and it wasn’t bad at all, just a little dull. I looked at my filters and chose one that would at the very least brighten it up. I chose the filter “vivid” which is the very first option because I’m a risk taker like that and OMG, it was amazing lol. Like the balloons all lit up, I lit up and all I did was push a button.


When I got back to Dallas, the weather had been rainy all week, the clouds were dark and gloomy, the weather was a bit icky but a couple hours early I was literally in sunshine, warm weather and magic. The irony was not lost on me.

It made me think, am I living a “vivid” life? Or do I let the dark clouds get me down? This weekend was all about perspective for me. I never changed. My life hasn’t changed. But my perspective went from regular exposure to Vivid.

I believe in what I do, whether it’s making a fun coffee sign or a sign that just lifts you up. I believe there is much to be said about a daily reminder of how great we really are or just daily motivation that our life is “vivid” if we allow ourselves to see it that way. If anything at all I hope my signs serve as a little reminder that we all have those gloomy clouds but we can find joy in something as simple as a shine sign because truth of the matter is we really do shine in our own way.

Are you living a vivid life, well maybe it’s about time you do Smile

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