Don’t you hate when you weren’t going to do something, then someone gives you a little nudge and it won’t leave your mind? Yes well, that’s what inspired this blog post.

I’m going to tell you something in this post that can either go one way or the other. You’ll either jump on the Rita-bandwagon or jump right off. It’s called TRUTH. It’s a big scary word but it is what it is.

Hopefully by now you know enough about me that you know I should have been born with a paintbrush attached to my hand because that’s usually where one is. If you’ve been following me longer than that, you may remember that I used to have a blog called “Curbside Creations”. It was where I transformed not so appealing furniture, into something quite amazing. During that time,I met a lot of cool people doing the same as me and learned a lot from them. Somewhere along the way I made the jump from furniture to making signs and you know what, a lot of my fellow furniture makers did to. Interesting, huh?

Well this past weekend I was able to combine my love of painting furniture with my love of sign making. My sis-in-law needed a cabinet for an upcoming show and this is what we came up with.



To be honest it really made me miss painting furniture! It’s not at all that I’ve turned my back on it, it’s just that I’m not able to do it like I used to at this point in time. There are other factors there as well, don’t get me wrong, but that love in my heart for furniture… yep, it’s still there. After painting this piece, it made me want to go out on the hunt for some amazing garage sale finds!

But the purpose of this post isn’t about flipping furniture. It’s not just about sign making either. And it’s not about being born with a paint brush in your hand Smile. Well not particularly. It’s about finding your voice among the other mover’s and shaker’s out there. Because I find myself surrounded by a cesspool of creatives out there and it’s quite easy to get lost in the mix.

I know you’re probably thinking, Rita you’re all over the place. Or Rita, you’re only hurting yourself because you’re talking about furniture on your “sign” blog, hello?!. Well truth of the matter is yes, you’re correct. But maybe that’s where I’m different. Maybe that’s the part of me that doesn’t align with what everyone else does or posts about. Maybe that’s where you either jump off the wagon because I don’t follow the rules or you support me for the very same reason.

We live in a world that tells you what we should be doing. I should know, I get daily emails from people wanting to help me get 5K followers on Instargam or teach me how to increase my sales and I don’t even have a “shop” yet so I‘d like to see them try!

So, I’ll tell you this. If you follow me, buy from me or just support me, here’s what you should probably know:

  • I know that I don’t know everything,  but I’m trying to find out!
  • I know that if I get in front of a camera I freeze and that doesn’t look good on instastories so I won’t be there too often.
  • I know that I am one person with a life that I love so If I don’t document it daily, it’s gonna be alright Smile
  • I know that I love to paint things. LOTS OF THINGS. And while my business name is “Your Shine Sign” I just might be selling more shiny things that don’t just fall under the “sign” category. It’s just a name and it’ll be ok.
  • I know that in the end I want to brighten someone’s day so If I can make you “something” like a cabinet with your business name on it, I’ll do it!
  • I know that this is my journey. I’m going to fall, and I’m going to get back up and in the present time…I just feel like I’m rising and I’m pretty darn excited about it!!
  • I know that there are no rules but ones I make for myself. People tell me what I’m doing wrong all the time but I’m surviving none the less. I should always do more but I’ll do what I’m capable of and go to sleep happy knowing my family is intact and I’ve done my best.
  • I know that I have one life to live and I intend to live it with whatever God places in front of  my path.
  • I know that I will always, always do my best to help you!
  • I know that what I want is for my business is for it to be an extension of ME. I hold it in the same regard as I hold myself.
  • And lastly, I know that my life isn’t mapped out because of all the planning, posting or energy I spend on it. It was my gift from my Father in Heaven and He is spinning this wheel as to where He wants it to go. I just hope you’ll join me for the ride ( so technically yes, I was born with an imaginary paintbrush in my hand)

I think it goes without saying but I’ll thank you again. I hope we continue to work together, inspire each other and even in some cases, break rules together.

And for those of you reading for the first time:

What is a “Shine” sign? It’s a reminder, it’s inspiration, it’s a part of YOU that we create together and make into a sign. There are no rules as to what form it comes in, for example, Vickie’s cabinet above, but what’s most important is  the power in what’s behind it.

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