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A lot of times you hear me talk about my venture making signs and the privilege that for every step I take,  I have my sister (in law) Vickie to do it with. She sells the tees and I sell the signs. We’re a team! Some people don’t understand that yes -we have separate businesses, no – we are not blood related, yes- we have a lot of similarities, and no- we aren’t the same age (I wish lol). I’m actually ten years older.

 Last year we both attended a seminar hosted by Christy Wright and Dave Ramsey in San Antonio, Tx called Business Boutique. It was actually a year ago this month. Christy really tapped into our hearts that day because one year later, we each have a small business. I think if it wasn’t for that event in April, there would be a piece of ourselves left unfulfilled.  I tend to speak for both of us because I know she feels just like I do. It’s not really a feeling I can describe but it’s kind of like becoming a mom for the first time. You’re scared of the unknown and question everything you’ll encounter along the way but then the moment the baby’s here, you tap into a side of yourself you’ve never met nor knew existed for that matter.

Our businesses are still in infant stage but one thing screams true for both of us. We were meant to be here. We have a loooooong way to go but we are meant to be here right now doing what we are doing. I see it on a daily basis when my schedule is stretched so thin, one more thing will cause it to spin out of control. Or when the expired milk in the fridge reminds me that I’ve forgot about yet another thing because at the end of the day when I question myself, I get these little pops of “purpose” that yell so boldly that I know I’m on the right path. I’m hoping with my baby blocks, you’ll get that too. The daily inspiration you need that with just a few words, jump starts your day or boosts your heart in the direction it needs to go so you too will live your purpose!

This weekend I teamed up with Vickie for her first event at the Dallas Flea. I KNOW she’ll be posting about her week leading up to the event which I HIGHLY encourage you to read. You want to talk about ups and downs…she had downs and more downs and I can’t believe how she pulled it off. It is truly an amazing story!!

When she asked me to partner up and make some of my baby blocks with her sayings on it, I jumped on it. My favorite is “He gets me”.  I have the shirt too and again, in just three words, I get it. I get that on a crappy day when I doubt everything…He gets me. When I sob in the car because I have so much to do…He gets me. When things happen to us that we don’t understand and we don’t know how we’ll turn turmoil into triumph…He’s got it and He gets me!

18_Dream on 18 Pray so hard

18_Fear Not 18_When I can't

If you’re in the Downtown Dallas area this weekend, please come out and see us at the Boho Market, April 14 from 10AM -5PM. The Sweet Hive will be selling her tees, Dreamers jackets, and her new baby block line (or you can buy online now). I’ll have my signs as well as a few pieces of furniture I picked up along the way. I hope I’ll see you there!

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