Today something weird happened. I got a daily devotional and a bible app verse that basically said the same thing.

The Holy Spirit will often stir up in our hearts an impossible dream. In our flesh, we can only respond with “no way this is ever going to work out.” Yet in the spirit, we know there is nothing impossible in God. The Lord will do exceedingly and abundantly far above what we ask or think.

So of course, it made me think, “Ok what are you telling me God?” What impossible feat do I have to do today besides pick up my teenage niece and nephew and keep them for the next two days while my sister lives it up in Vegas? Because THAT RIGHT THERE is an impossible feat!

But kidding aside…kind of… ok, not really. It made me think I should probably blog about this.

First, let me say that so far this year I’ve had the privilege of being in about 3 markets, 2 workshops, 1 pop- up shop, and 1 mini-retreat where I actually spoke (!!). I only want to acknowledge this because it’s where I got out of my comfort zone and I’m only halfway through the year. I think these are good examples of letting God lead me down a path I never thought I’d go and not to mention, to important people in my life I never would have met otherwise.

Then when I think I’m doing well…He points my path in a new direction.

I’ve been meaning to write about this girl I recently met, so what better time than now. Sometimes I feel like my life is a Candy Land game and each stop along my rainbow path is a poignant one. She’d be one for sure, dressed like a fairly princess or something like that, and the fact I learned about her was by chance.

Her name is Emily and she lives in Frisco Tx. She is 17 with a life debilitating disease which left her paralyzed, fed by a feeding tube and with use of just a few fingers. Though her situation as a teenager could be devastating it actually propels her to show kindness to others. Every month she sends care packages to other children with various diseases. She said after getting a care package when she was in and out of the hospital(and still is), it was the kindness of others that brought her joy. So, what did she do? She spread it and payed it forward.

I got in touch with Emily who is absolutely precious! Together we created a line of signs called “Emily’s collection”.  Each one of her care packages will get a Shine Sign of their own.


I just saw her on the news one day (again, by chance) and got that pull in my stomach that screamed “you need to help her”! It yelled to reach out, yelled to make these signs, and still yells at me today (God does not do subtle). So that’s where we are.

When I saw Shine Signs in the beginning, I saw a way to share memories, laughs, and love. I also hoped for money to come in and help me pay off debt. And though I’ve gotten all that thus far, this collection and what they represent was never in my line of site. But this is important to me. It’s what a Shine Sign is all about.

I think I tend to see things as impossible when I know what they are and then schedule them into my life. It gives me time to freak out and second guess myself. But it’s the ones that come along that you never saw coming that you just act on. Then when they’re done, you realized you just did something great. No freak-out necessary.


I love that God stirs a pot within me and for me. I love that He wants me to do more than I think I can.  I also love that through Him nothing is impossible and He’s got this!

If you’d like to order any of Emily ‘s signs please order from my home page under custom sings at the bottom.  Tell me what color you want and what design as there are three:
(1) I am a child of God
(2) Brave Amazing Strong**
(3) You got this!

These are currently in baby block form (3.5” x 3.5”) but can be made into medium size signs (7” x 7”). Prices for Emily’s collection are $10 for baby signs and $15 for medium signs. 50% will go back to Emily to help pay for shipping. Thanks in advance!

 **Side note on this sign is the day I wrote these three words down which were inspired from a Pintrest picture I found, Emily wrote the exact same three words on her Facebook page that night about a little girl who received one of her boxes. That was further confirmation…THAT was a definitely a God thing!

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