Today it’s all about celebrating friends!

I’m lucky and blessed to have people that surround me and push me forward. I tend to go through stages when I feel like I spin in circles, or work hard and reap no rewards, then times I’m on fire! It’s a tailspin but regardless of where I land, I have friends who support me and stick by me no matter where I am. So today I think it’s time to turn the tables on them.

Why? Because I’m proud of them. Because they inspire me. Because they tag me in inspirational Instagram posts. Because they propel me to be better.

This weekend as I combed through Instagram waiting for that beloved “like”, it became clear that my tribe always likes me. No matter what, they just do. It reminded me that I tend to get stuck in my own brain sometimes when what I really need to do is take a breath and look around. So today, I’m sharing their “Shine” moments with you.

And before you ask, no I didn’t ask their permission. What are friends for, right?! Enjoy!


Rosie just graduated with a nursing degree and now is out in Canada running a half marathon. #goals !!


Vickie, My Sis-in-law just opened up shop at none other than FLEASTYLE in Deep Ellum in Dallas TX!! I mean…F L E A S T Y L E!!!! Way to go Vickie!! So proud of you! Talk about a dream come true 🙂


My Brother-in-law Chris, was invited to bring his mobile coffee cart and serve Hive Coffee at Fleastyle’s grand opening. Ya’ll know I love his coffee and this opportunity was huge for him.  Can’t wait to see what doors open for him! (He’s not paying me to say nice things about him but he can with coffee…just saying)


Andrea, my sister, took her first trip to Vegas!! For a single mom who has lived her life by her two teenagers, this was HUGE!! She got out of her comfort zone and did something for herself for once 😉  I’d say this break was needed and I’m so happy she took the leap and did it!


Vanessa is a Life Coach and you would do yourself an injustice if you didn’t talk to her. She propels the unpropellable. She just lauched her new website, finished a mini workshop and is currently working on podcasts! She’s a huge example of stepping up and stepping out, and I admire that in her!


Yolanda “Yoli” just signed on the dotted line for a new home. She’s amazing both inside and out and deserves so much more than a brand new house! Heck if someone could shine by her kids alone this girl wins the award. Her oldest, Kristen makes amazing treats and her youngest Olivia,  just recreated my logo! Artist in the making!


Monica is the designer among the group and she floors me every time! She helped create my logo as well as  other various projects, and each time she amazes me. Monica just created Vanessa’s website and continues to work on her own invitation business.


Maricia- I remember when Eight Soap was primarily soap! Maricia is now rolling out her summer collection and her list keeps growing!!

Ladies and Gent… I hope you know you make me smile, you make me laugh, you pick me up when I need it and you keep me growing and shining. I’m proud of each of you in each aspect of your lives. I will continue to applaud your accomplishments and be there with coffee when you need a pick-me-up. I seriously wish I had a sign for each of you that captivates the you I know and love!

(hmmm…now there’s an idea)

Congrats, good luck and I love you all so much!


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  • Great shout-out to your friends & family Reed! I’m sure they feel equally blessed to call you their friend! Look at all that sunshine you have to spread around! Love you sweet baby girl!

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