I am a dream chaser
I am a believer in dreams
And I will always, always support you as you follow yours

This morning after posting this picture on Instagram, something dawned on me. Not only am I chasing my dream, but I’m already living it. I’m going to tell you a story about one of my biggest dreams and you’ll learn a little bit more about me on the way. This would be the time to grab the cup of coffee because I tend to get wordy when I’m on a roll 😉

A few years ago, when I went to my weekly church group, our leader (and good friend of mine) Lacey, took her seat at the front of our rather large group and asked a question. “What would you do if money wasn’t an issue. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it? What would you buy?”. I must have been sitting in a group of 30 and lord knows I was shy and hated to speak in front of anyone but this time, no shyness at all as my hand shot up in the air. I remember being so confident. I KNEW EXACTLY what I’d buy. So, in front of everyone I proudly said “One of those work sheds from Home Depot”. It was innocent enough but oddly enough, it was what I wanted (still do) and if I had all the money in the world I’d buy it for sure!! Then other hands went up and things like “tour the world”, “buy a mansion”, “sail the world in my yacht”, came into play. I realized right then, I set my sights like REALLY low. But in my mind, it was still something I’d never get. It was a dream and it was expensive and I was broke. It wasn’t something you just went out and charged. It was something you eventually had enough money to afford but even at that, there was always something better you could spend your money on like groceries or utility bills.

I remember feeling like a moron after leaving that meeting. But the funny thing is that shed was always still a dream to me. The “one day (maybe??)” kind of dream.

Rewind years and years back. When I was little, I watched my grandpa who raised us, work hard. When I say work hard, I don’t mean in the modern day and age kind of working, where you sit in cool buildings and work isn’t really work at all. He was a work hard, get your hands dirty and get into a union kind of worker. We never went without even if it meant he worked himself to the bones. But all his years of manual labor and providing for his family rubbed off on me. I don’t think he ever knew how much, but he did.

In providing for my family since I was 18, I think the concept of working hard was ingrained inside of me. That meant work hard but never really have room for fluff. I considered that shed my fluff. You can understand now why I’d only get it if I had all the money in the world.

Starting a family early added to that concept and meant my “creative” side held a backseat to raising a family and providing for them. I remember wanting to go to an art school after high school and one day owing my own business. Talk about big dreams!! Instead I went to community college and dropped out before finals that first year because Ashley made her debut into this world. It’s bittersweet to look back on my life and see where my “Rita flair” peeked out ever so often. Whether it was stencils on cabinets or creating Halloween costumes with foil and trash bags, there’s always been a part of the “me” you see that I held back on. So, all the fun colorful things I come up with, yeah that sat hibernating in my head and heart for over 20 years and not until about 10 years ago did it start to finally come out!


The moral to my story is no dream is too big or small. It’s about never giving up no matter how old you get. It’s about having it in your line of site because the day will come on the way to your “dream” when you’ll realize, you’re already living it.

I’m going to go shed shopping in the next few days and I’ll pay for it with what I’ve made in Shine Signs. Meaning, by using my hands, creating and working hard, I’ll pay for something that was a HUGE DREAM of mine that I never really thought I’d ever own. And the cherry on top is that I FINALLY have my own business which is funding it.

I also hope you take from this that when I say I work hard on each sign, you have a better understanding of what I mean. My grandpa worked with his hands and was covered in sweat. That’s the way I remember him. I know if he were alive today he’d get a kick out of his “bookkeeper” (I did their bills😊) and how I look when I’m outside in the heat covered in sweat. Not to mention he’d love to pick out that shed with me!

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve inspired you to keep moving toward your dream!


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