Have you ever been put on the spot where you had to perform or act? Whatever it was, did you have to jump in and do it now? Sink or swim?

A couple months back, I asked my brother Miguel to make a video for me. I had to paint a logo on a toy chest for friend and since I knew it would be colorful and different, I asked if he’d shoot a time-lapse video of me painting it.

It was all great when I conjured it up in my head. You know, pause when needed. Take a couple of days to complete (edit as necessary). These are made to make us look good so I should take my sweet time doing it, right?!

Well it didn’t happen exactly like that, but does it ever?

Well let’s roll that concept over to the mindset of small business ventures. IT TAKES A VILLAGE that’s for sure. Whether it’s purely for motivation, inspiration, a crutch or the kick in the pants you need to do the next thing or learn the next thing… WE NEED HELP! I know I do. It’s not at all what you conjure up in your head. And it’s not just blood, sweat and tears either. It’s jump in and try not to drown.

So back to the video. When Miguel set it up for me and told me he’d wait around for me to finish (which took several hours) I realized quickly all the lollygagging I thought I’d be able to do…NOPE…that wasn’t gonna cut it. I had to get EVERYTHING I needed and put it all within arms reach so that I could get to it quickly. That included water to clean my brushes, ALL the paint I needed, paper bowls to mix colors, napkins, my phone to see the logo, my glasses, oh and something for my knees since I was outside on the cement.

The other thing was the logo itself was made in water colors. I use mostly interior/exterior paint so they are true and deep colors. No watercolors! This meant I had to make colors up as I went which could have easily been a big fail for me. Not to mention this was a “one shot” deal!

But then he hit GO!

That was it. I didn’t think, I just dove in head first. I didn’t even take a pee break and only stopped once when my friend came to pick up a package at my house. It was hysterical. I couldn’t even answer the door properly because my hands were covered in paint.

But we did it. Almost one entire shot of me painting, mixing paints, and it was done. And truth be told I’m SO proud of it! I love that I didn’t lollygag. I love that I jumped in and got it done. I love my baby brother (ok he’s not a baby) for doing it for me and not giving me a chance to say never mind or this scares the crap out of me and I don’t wanna do it!

Fact is, we may not like the jumping in part because it’s super scary. It’s even scarier when you’re in the middle and things aren’t going the way you imagined. But when you look back and see what you’ve created. That takes pride. THAT should take your breath away.


So, what’s holding you back? Don’t shy away now. Comment below with what you don’t want to jump into or have jumped into and it’s still this big hairy monster.  It may take getting it out in the Universe so you can start taking action! So what are you waiting for? I told you mine, now tell me yours.

To see the full transformation of this toy chest check out my “Everything Else” page. Thanks!


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