All things with a price tag don’t have to be hard

Do you love to pay your electric bill or doctor bill? Do you feel all hearts, love and super-soft-squishy when you hand that check over? Rather poke your eyes out then hand over money for things like that? OR…

On the filp side of that, are there things in your life that you will walk over hot coals to give your hard-earned money just to receive that service or product? Like a nice massage when you’re stressed out. Or maybe a mani/pedi when your talons have seen better days. Well I do too!!


It’s my home away from home. It’s my replenishing of spiritual beans in a cup! It’s like entering another wonderful dimension when I take a sip! I would swim for this coffee and I hate water!


So why is it hard to swallow when I charge you for something I’ve created?

I think it’s because I’m a nice girl who’d rather create for the sake of creating and not have to take your hard-earned cash for doing so.

BUT the bottom line is these “things” (enter product here) take time. They take money. They take time away from family. They sometimes take others time, like my husband who has to cut everything for me because I’m afraid of the table saw. Now, times that by however many “things” you’re making and it equals a lot.

So again, why after all that is it still hard for me to put a price (the RIGHT price) on my signs?

Well that’s what I ask myself when I sell something to someone and they smile and say “wow, thank you!” and then someone else looks like I just sold them a liver and says “Really?? Uh ok” but pays anyway.

This is where I have to remember the Note to self and give Rita a little shake because she tends to get all stuck in her head!

  • I have to remember I’m not some fairy who can wave a wand and poof you’ve got an awesome cute new sign.
  • I have to get paid if I want to produce something for you.
  • I am reasonable so I have to quit dropping my prices 😊 (that one’s hard).
  • I don’t get free stuff so I can’t give stuff away!
  • If I want to gift it to you I will be more than happy to, but even my mom has to pay and she gave birth to me lol!

And here’s the bottom line. I’m worth it. I promise you, I am. If you want your saying on a sign, I got you covered. I may have a tough enough time saying “I got this” for myself, but for some reason only God knows, I have the easiest time saying “I GOT YOU!” to everyone else. It must be my crazy inter-workings because I drag ass when it comes to ME, but I’m first in line when it’s covering those around me! And for that alone, I press on, I price my stuff accordingly, I don’t forget to enjoy the process and If I need help remembering, I turn to my friends.


Fact is, somewhere out there in this big world, I’m someone’s Crooked Tree. They will travel though their own “water” to get a sign I made them. But the best part is that when they pay me it’s a mutual agreement for creating something I loved to make and exchanging it into the hands of someone who will love it just as much. That’s the point!





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