They say in life you have to have a Plan B. You know, a back up plan. You never know what tomorrow might bring so have a plan, and a plan for your plan, then another plan just in case the first few fall through.

Well at the beginning of this year, I had a plan. Well…maybe it was more of an outline but I at least had solid concrete items I had going on.

I wanted to build Your Shine Sign up. I wanted to get myself out there with more pop-ups and flea markets. I wanted to continue in my volunteering efforts. I wanted to remain an active member in the woman’s church group I’ve attended for the last 5 years. But mainly, I had a goal in mind for my sign business, all while juggling work, life, mentoring, and volunteering and still remain afloat.

I had a plan after all.

But at about the mid-year point I realized I failed with all the things I juggled. I SHOWED UP for some things, I MISSED others, I STAYED AFLOAT most of the time, I DRAGGED my behind the rest of the time. But you can’t really flourish in one area when you’re spread so thin in so many others. But still, my head remained above water and I gave my attention (as much as I could anyway) to all those areas I listed above.

Well, a month or so ago I had the privilege of getting a spot in an article for an online magazine called Voyage Dallas. You can read the article here. One of the things they asked was what was one of my struggles as it relates to business. Mine was that I only have time to put about 30% effort into my business, so when I get 30% in return, it’s not as great of a feeling as it could be.  Especially when Betsy Badass has 10,000 followers, posts daily and I can’t even make time to go to the grocery store! BUT if I’m being honest, my life has been so fulfilled all the places I was spreading myself (thinly) that I couldn’t see changing it. Even if it means YSS (Your Shine Sign) only gets 30% of my focus.

Then a couple of weeks after that article posted, I HAD CHANGE. What I mean by that is my job position changed. My boys in my boys group graduated and moved on. My women’s group leader informed us she’s leaving to pursue her Master’s Degree. I mean all at one time. So where does that leave me…Plan B.  Something I never planned for and where I’ll end up, only God knows.

boys 3


But you know what, I still have plans! I still plan to hit my year end goal for YSS! I have up and coming painting classes that are so brand new to me, but I’m sooo excited.  I have a subscription box I will be a part of in December (Woo Hoo!). I have made it into a huge market in November!  I still have my monthly Small But Mighty Pop-ups! And yes, I have uncertainties and anxieties but my schedule allows for more now and I’m jumping on while I can and seeing where the road takes me.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret:

God never created a plan B for your life. So, while you think you’ve moved on to plan B, C, D or E…you’ve been on his Plan A all along. Just some food for thought!

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