This morning I had to go to an ENT specialist because I’ve had this echoing in my ear for a while now and can’t seem to find a remedy for it. It got me thinking as I was about to hand over my credit card to pay a $50 co-pay to see this specialist.

Well actually at first it made me cringe if I’m being quite honest because $50 is a lot of money. But in the long run I’d gladly pay it if:

  1. He makes the echo go away
  2. He makes me feel better
  3. I don’t have to wonder what’s going on in my ear anymore because he is going to diagnose my ear issue specifically and not my hand nor foot 🙂

So, when facing the issues of a “specialist” co-pay, whatever the cost we pay it.

But if I told you to invest $50 on yourself, on something that made you feel better, made the echo of self-doubt go away, and to put that money on something you know would “specialize” in making you feel better about yourself, would you do it? Or on the flip side could you ever see charging $50 for something you’ve done or created or just for your time itself?

I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this and trust me it’s not on a “fee” I’m charging, but hey if you want to give me $50 I’ll sure as heck help you out.

No,  what I’m saying is we ALL “SPECIALIZE” in something. Yes, that’s right, each and everyone of us.

I laugh at my sister because for one, she is the MOST AWESOME, AMAZING, FUNNY, SISTER IN THE WORLD (no offence to my youngest sister Olivia because she is amazing in her own right!). But my sister Dre is the cream to my latte and I’m the cheese to her macaroni. We’ve pretty much been inseparable since birth.

Anyway, she has this story she tells about a time she was asked what it is her siblings do. She says, “Well Rita is the creative one who paints signs and things, then there’s Miguel who is a yo-yo champion (among other things) and last there’s Olivia who is our fashionista and can put together amazing outfits”. Then she says they look at her and ask “well what do you do?”. Because the fact is we all do something! She used to say “just cook” if she said anything at all, but if you’d see her in the kitchen, you’d get it when I say “just cook” doesn’t do her justice. SHE COOKS, like realllllllyyy good food and when she whips out those spices it’s like me with my paint. We just get it.

My issue is we don’t all see it. That sparkle inside we have. That niggling in our soul to pick up a paint brush, spatula, thrifted tee, oil, or pen. But it’s there. Whether a whisper or a loud obnoxious voice and the fact is someone will pay you for it. It may be $5 or it could be the “specialist” fee of that cringing $50 but someone will pay you for it. Because they need YOU in their life no matter how big or small. You could in fact be the cream to someone’s latte or the cheese to someone’s macaroni  OR MORE!

So whatcha waiting for? Whip up that “thing” that’s circling in your head. Put a price tag on it and sell it. And when people think you’re crazy, or look at you like you’ve kicked their dog…because they will, just know that your super power isn’t meant for them. There are people in the world who would actually kiss you for whatever your making, or try to trade you for their dog. I promise!

So go forth and specialize and don’t blink when you put you price tag on it. Just like I’m going to pay some ENT doc I randomly picked from my insurance list, there’s room for ALL OF US!

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