When I make signs, I want it to be for the better good of someone. I want you to have a sign that in some small way, helps you be a better version of yourself. If I’m honest, I have to say that if I make you smile, it helps me smile. I figure if you have a sign in your line of sight, it will help you showcase your awesomeness we all know is there…it just gets buried under layers of doubt, insecurity and guilt sometimes.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve shared office inspirational signs this week which are perfect gifts for coworkers or office personnel. They are great reminders during your 9-5 day to get up, show up, man up or (wo)man up, and that you got this! But the one I wanted to end the week on  was this one featured here. It’s the one I know most of us struggle with which is being a working parent.


My sister-in-law also touched on the subject on a blog post that you can read here, because she’s in the throws of it herself.  I was so moved by her post that it reminded me of a story including Brianna and her lunch when she was in kindergarten.

See, when Brianna was little, she wanted to eat one thing and one thing only for lunch…Bologna!

Every morning either Sam and I would get up and make her lunch. This meant we’d get a slice of bologna and a two-liter twist cap and starting at the edge of the bologna, we’d cut circles with the cap leaving a star in the center. Trust me, she’d let you know if the star wasn’t right or missing all together!

So although I wasn’t there for every school parade or I missed out on mid-day presentations, when you ask her now about kindergarten, she doesn’t tell you about what we missed out on. But she sure does remembers her circles and star she got for lunch every day!

Similarly, when Ashley was about 10 and Sam and I were separated for a year, she struggled with her mom and dad being absent a lot in her life. I remember one night in particular, I took her to see the mustangs in Las Colinas so we could have a heart to heart about what she was going through. Near the area we found a looooong stretch of grass with sprinklers going off so I looked at Ash and asked if she wanted to run through the sprinklers. Again, not something I’d normally do, but that night we did. I grabbed her hand , we ran through a mile of sprinklers, laughed like crazy and got completely drenched!!

When we talk about that time in her life, one of the things she remembers is the running of the sprinklers and that makes my heart melt because I shared that with her.

The thing I tell my friends with younger kids now is this: it’s not so much the things you missed out on, but the times where you showed up! It’s the little things they remember like circled bologna or getting sopping wet with sprinklers that they remember the most.

The fact is,  you get up, you dress up, you show up! You Woman up, not just for work but in your everyday life when the world beats you down.  You PERSIST…and in doing so, those little chubby fingers you come home to now will one day grow up to be hardworking adults with good memories you helped them create.

If you’d like to leave me a comment about an issue you face with your little ones or have a cute story to share, please comment below. Again, mine may not be little anymore and I may have had to borrow “little hands” for this post (Thank you Hayden) but I’ve been there…and I’m pretty sure I graduated with high honors!


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