Did you know I used to have a furniture flipping blog? Yep, I wrote on Thursdays about my “thrown away treasures” which I picked up on curbs usually. Then I’d work on them over the weekend and follow up on Tuesday with a “Tossed and Turned Tuesday” post.

I made lots of internet blogger friends and we were this party-blog-hopping group of free spirits. Some of them are still very popular today!

I only stopped because it’s one thing to paint and sell your creations but it’s another to create and hoard. And in my case I was hoarding. So eventually I stopped and eventually Curbside Creations (the name of my blog) ended. I stopped painting furniture, I stopped blogging, and then I closed down my blog. For good.

Well, a couple of weekends back I had to clean out my very unorganized closet and found lots of the tools I used to work on my furniture projects. I also found this stamp for when I’d stamp the back of the smaller pieces . Have to say it brought tears to my eyes and not to mention it flooded the memory gates of glorious times of treasure hunting at local thrift shops and curbs!

But as I cleaned my closet and pulled out paper, material scraps, oils and furniture waxes it got me thinking about where I am today and where I see Your Shine Sign going in 2019 and here’s what I’ve come up with.   If I say I only make signs, well then I’m selling myself short. If I say I’ll stick to one type of “thing” to make, well I can’t because it’s just not in me to do that.  If I say, I know what I’m doing and where I’m going, well count that out too because I don’t and I’m actually excited to see where that takes me.

Truth is when I look back at my life and where I’ve been only ONE thing remains to be true and that is that I CREATE. That’s my THING. It’s what drives me and inspires me and truth of the matter is I should have like a gazillion stamps on the picture above because just two doesn’t cut it.

I also hope that I inspire you daily to be true to your self, your WHOLE self. Ya want to know what lights my fire…making things! I have almost 45 years worth of pictures that prove that clean and mundane cramps my style 🙂

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