The other day I was talking to one of my daughters and we talked about Instagram, Influencers, and then me and my Shine Sign efforts. She was saying one of the things that turns her off to Instagram is all the pretty, pretty, positive stuff (palm to forehead).

But I like all that nice stuff…*gulp*, and that’s what I try to do!

The more we talked the more I got it. Not to say I didn’t before because I know it’s a highlight real and we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, yadda, yadda, yadda. But when you’re putting your small business out there, you need to know all that stuff. You have to play by the Insta rules in order to get viewed so that maybe just maybe, someone will scroll through, see your shining face, THEN MAGICALLY something resonates with them, and then BAM, they get you! They get what you’re all about and they actually enjoy themselves. For me, it’s not about them buying something, it’s about the connection.

I have to say, I’ve never been on a dating app (married 24 years strong!), but I have felt over the course of a year or so that people swipe left when they see me. Is that right? Swipe left is a dismiss right?? 🙂

What I decided about Instagram is that it’s my photo album. A place to keep all my pictures and stories. It’ll include what I do outside of work (remember I have a full time job), my family at times – including the animals, my badly lit videos (which I’m working on), and life…just life! I read once that when you put your story out there it’s like going to a campfire and telling your story to friends. If you do that, they will listen and if they like you, they’ll come back and invite their friends as well. I love that!

As I talked to my daughter that day, we had to chuckle because the very same day we had that discussion, my other daughter had just told me that I was way too cheerful and she needed me to tone it down a bit. :/

So Dear Instagram, on that note I’m willing to take my cheer down a notch at times because truth is sometimes we all need a break. We don’t all want to see perfect inspiration coming from another smiling face. Sometimes we just want a blanket and a beer and to know someone else has worse hair then we do.

Yours, Rita

*** Pictures are from last year when I tried to get my daughters to help me take some good pics for Instagram. The thing is I blink (a lot), the dogs don’t know what pose or sit still means, and then of course I love to talk so I’m usually caught off guard. These are the pictures you don’t see.

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