If you’re an ex-Liberty Belle and reading this post, you’ll know exactly who I’m referring to.
That said, here’s a little perspective check for you.
Years back when I was in high school and in Drill Team, circa 1990-92, we had an amazing group of young ladies who loved to get on the field and dance. We were comprised of those girls who could do right, left, and Chinese splits, those who could kick their noses when they did a high kick, and those who could get away with some of that stuff but still help form the line (like me). Then we had the OFFICERS. The officers had it all! They were beautiful and dated the cute guys, they were smart, they were AMAZING on the field, and we pretty much all wanted to be just like them.
And then there was my friend Martha. Martha,  God love her, was amazing! If not for her energy and attitude to succeed, her personality alone would win her that award. She wasn’t an officer but held the line like I did. She was good don’t get me wrong, but what set Martha apart from those like me, is she believed she was so much better! I could never speak for her to be sure, but it’s what I saw in her.
I remember one time the officers got these t-shirts made according to their ranking and low and behold, Martha came in with the same color t-shirt that read “I’m just good” and you know what? No one told her any different.
I know sometimes I struggle with self-doubt, if you can imagine, but one thing I’ve never done is have a shirt made to remind me that I’m just as good as everyone else. I mean can you imagine if you lived life like Martha?
I don’t quite know what made me think of her all these 20 some odd years later and I don’t know what she’s doing now, but I can imagine it’s something pretty damn important! What I do know is it might be time for me to have my own t-shirt made, don’t you? What would your t-shirt say?

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