It took me a while to come up with a caption for this picture believe it or not. I’ve had my issues when it comes to dreams of late but what comes to mind when I think of dreams is that they are ever fleeting, they are “Go Big and Go Hard”, they change, and they are also lost in the wind. I think that’s why I’ve had my challenges.
If you asked me a few years back what my Big Dream was, it wasn’t the obvious choice which is to own my own business. It was actually to own my own shed so I could cut, sand and build things in. If you’d asked me a few years prior to that, it was to find a good paying job so I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck. If you’d asked me years before that, it would have been to fix my marriage so that we’d be a happy family again. I think you get the idea.
My dreams have changed over time. Some having come true, others having changed, while the rest, well, they are still there just feeling a bit reformatted at the moment.
But here’s my idea on the concept of dreams. It’s ok to chase them even when they seem so unattainable. It’s ok if they change because people change and circumstances change. It is absolutely alright if you scream your dream out to the adoring public and then shy away with an “oopsie, did I say that?”. It’s your dream. Your life. Your invested time.  Just smile about it 😉 And the last thing I think we tend to forget, is to cheer our friends on when their dream turns out EXACTLY like they imagined while ours has to take a backseat for the time being.
So what’s my dream? It’s to find my calling. To take these gifts God gave me and use them for the power of good. To inspire and uplift friends (old and new) around me because I’ve been told that I’ve been doing this longer than the internet’s been around. It’s also to create and make things and if I sell them well good for me!
What’s yours?

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    • Same here! I remember being outside with my grandpa who raised me. It’s funny now when I go to Home Depot and buy lumber or cut and sand it with my tools I’ve purchased over time, I know he would have loved it!

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