When I was a kid we used to get the TV Guide in the Sunday Newspaper. In the back of the TV guide there was a section called “Ask Bob Brock”. His article allowed you to ask any TV related question and if you were lucky he’d answer you back. So I mailed in my question and guess what? He answered. My question went something like this:

Dear Mr. Bob Brock,

We like to watch Showtime at the Apollo and we always notice that before anyone comes out on stage, they touch a tree stump on their way out. Why is that? 

He replied telling me it was for good luck. I think I must have been about ten at the time.

Then when I had Brianna in my early 20’s I quickly noticed she was nothing at all like Ashley. The difference between the two was remarkable so when I read an article in an online Children’s Magazine asking about differences in siblings, I entered my essay on my girls. Guess what? I got in. I even came up with this awe inspiring title called “She’s Nothing Like Her Sister”. Lame LOL, I know but I still got in.

Fast forward to a few years ago when The Dallas Morning news did an online blog segment and asked for featured articles for Dallas or surrounding area writers. Yep, I entered my article on Lula B’s Antique mall that used to be centrally located in Deep Ellum. I spent a year renting booth space there and it held a special place for me so I wrote about it.  Again, it was published.

I also used to have a furniture blog, and currently keep one for Your Shine Sign.

I’m telling you all this for one reason only and no, it’s not to toot any imaginary horn I may have tucked under layers of paint, plaid, and denim. It’s to tell you I never once believed I’m a bad ass. I don’t take highly to thinking myself worthy because I’ve always felt mediocre. I guess we all kind of are because when we take a look at our own life, it’s what we see. BUT if you told me YOU wrote to Bob Brock and he actually wrote you back, I’d think you were awesome. If you wrote an article and someone posted it ANYWHERE,  I’d say you were super cool. Then if you said you had a blog, I’d find it and read it because I happen to think blogs are pretty damn amazing!

So what the hell does badassery have to do with anything? Well, we all have badassery in us, we just tend to see it in everyone else first. But if we peel back the years and take a closer look, I think we’d be pleasantly surprised like I just did today. Heck, Bob Brock probably thought I was a bad ass so it must be true!




behavior, characteristics, or actions regarded as formidably impressive.

I still have that Bob Brock article hidden somewhere in my mementos.

I don’t think I slept for a few days after any of my “writings” were published because of the high I was on each time.

Those highs are worth it. That Shine you have inside that you think is mundane – Isn’t.  Let it shine bright!

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