I love when we go through seasons in our lives and can look back and reflect on the changes. Especially the good ones!  Then again even the not so good ones when we can look back and laugh at them. Well, the last three months have been a season of change for me with a combination of good, sad, and definitely a new chapter.

I hope by now after reading my blogs and following my social platforms, you know that I consider you all friends! I don’t take that lightly. When I share stories of where I’ve been or where I am now, I hope you find something in them that helps you in whatever season you’re in, getting out of, or just plain get inspired to do something about your life now. If that all makes sense.

With that let me get to the last few month’s adjustments in my life:

1.My new Job A few months ago I talked to my husband about the job situation I was in. It was clear I needed a change but one thing I’m horrible at is selling myself short. I tend to feel under-qualified so I’d stop myself before I even started to look. I told him I wanted a job that appreciated me and could use my talents. One that had a purpose I could get behind and thrive. One where I could put my abilities to use and STILL use my creative brain! I knew I I DID NOT want a job where I sat at a computer all day and did the same monotonous thing over and over.  So I put out into the Universe that I wanted someone who knew me, and I mean REALLY knew me, to call on me.  Then in March, I got that exact call. My friend from church  had the perfect job for me and a few months later, I couldn’t be happier. It truly felt like a Mary Poppins moment and today I’m excited to be exactly where I am!

2. Reese’s Passing Guys this one still pains me. Reese was my pup I had for 14 years. She was old and was starting to lose her eyesight, her hearing, and her potty training went out the window. But she was my girl. My little princess. I still cry about her passing which was on May 13. That little 7 lb girl left this ginormous gap in my heart  but I learned something from her passing that I didn’t see coming. The day after she passed, I decided to  torture myself by looking at ALL the pictures I had of her over the years. But what I felt instead of torture,  was peace. I saw the girls growing up by her side and changing so much. I saw myself changing throughout the years. Then I saw Reese being Reese which made me laugh until I cried. She was FIERCE. She put all of our other animals over the years in their place. She TAUGHT them how to treat HER. No matter  who you were, animal or otherwise, she let you know who was boss. SHE was a presence and she taught me it’s about time I do the same. In my journal after she died, I wrote down: It’s not just time to Rise, It’s time to Reese!

3. Ashley moved to Austin When Ashley was born, I was 19. Everyone told me not to spoil her. They told me when she cried, let her cry it out in the crib. When she slept, do not, under any circumstances, let her sleep with me.  I did none of the above. That girl was mine and in all rights, I was hers. Did she become spoiled, heck yes. Did she drive us crazy, oh yeah! She had a way of doing things that only Ashley could. I even  have journals upon journals documenting her shenanigans dating before she could walk. I know she’s been waiting for this new chapter in her life a long time, but like I told her when she left me couple of weeks ago, it’s not in our time. God knows what’s right and when it’s right! It’s not a matter of us pulling on a handle to a door that will not open. It’s just waiting for the right one to open at the right time. So even though I told myself I wouldn’t cry when she left, I boo hoo-ed like a big ‘ol baby. As she got in the car, I didn’t see my adult child leaving, nope,  instead I saw that 3 year old girl letting go of her mama’s hand. As she drove away I  had peace knowing she would be quite alright.  I’m more proud of her than she’ll ever know.

I don’t know where my stories find you in the seasons in your life but I hope they find you well.  Whether or not you can connect, or just sit back and listen to me ramble, I appreciate you taking the time to listen. If I have any advice for you on the seasons of our life is this: God has plans for you and He has plans for me, and today we are right where he wants us to be. Sometimes it just takes a little adjusting. 🙂

Thanks for being here with me, you’ll be seeing more of me soon I promise!

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