I’m not a fashionista, I can’t cook, I struggle with not measuring up, but man am I creative!

This past weekend at my church, our pastor talked on the topic of insecurities. In all honesty it was one of the topics he didn’t lose me on because it’s a daily struggle for me. In fact, last week I told you that I’m going back to school and believe me when I say, HOLY CRAP BALLS, ENGLISH IS HARD! A friend had to remind me that it’s been a while since I’ve practiced correct grammar and sentence structure. Does that mean I’m still insecure about it? Yes! But I know it’ll pass.

That being said, our pastor really got me thinking more on the topic. Here’s the deal, there are lots of influencers all over the world saying the same thing. They give you numerous tips on what to do when you’re insecure like journaling, getting out of your comfort zone, and interacting with like-minded people so that you learn to overcome your insecurity. I think that helps, sure, and not to discredit anyone at all, but it doesn’t really help me when it matters most. For example, I cannot for the love of all things holy, put together an outfit without second guessing myself every single time! I’ve tried Pinterest but it’s still hard for me. What typically happens is I look at my wardrobe for-EVER and nothing pops out at me. If it isn’t a plaid shirt and jeans, I really don’t see the point. So what do I do (and this is the honest truth), most of the time I call Sam over and ask his opinion and 9 times out of 10, I end up dressing in something different than what I originally had planned. Then what happens is this self-doubt rears it’s little head and turns into that extra baggage I carry on my shoulders and label it “insecurities”.

This all leads to MY thoughts on the Insecurity topic 🙂

Look at what you are good at and thrive in it! Be OK with it! Love it! It just may help a little bit in the insecurity area because you start to measure yourself to a higher standard when that “good” area outshines the “insecure” areas.

Truth is, people will never come to me for fashion or food advice but they will for help with paint, or crafting, or creative ideas. If you want to know the difference between gloss, semi-gloss, and eggshell, I’m your girl! My favorite question I get is when someone asks if they can come over to my house and shop because they need a sign STAT! The answer to that is yes, I welcome you and I’ll have coffee ready -I love it! I really don’t think they care what I’m wearing or that my food is less than mediocre for that matter.

I once read a quote from the book The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhymes that went something like this:
“In order to be Serena Williams, you have to believe that no one is going to be as good as you are. You have to own it! Then you have to make it true and you have to be OK with being better than everyone else.”

(It’s time to find your SHINE!)

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