I can’t take credit for this title though I did hear it somewhere and it resonated with me. I’ll tell you why, but first we have to go back a couple of years.

Starting Your Shine Sign

When I began YSS in 2017, I knew I had big plans for it, though I didn’t know exactly  what it would become. My business plan was lacking but I had general knowledge of what I wanted.  One thing for certain was I wanted to spread awareness that we all have this inner sparkle I call “shine”, and I wanted to remind people of it’s importance.

I always revert back to my grandma’s story and how important I think it is to mention because in reality, she’s a lot like you and me.

My grandma raised all of us girls but I remember one time in particular when I was much older,  having a conversation with her about colors. I recall asking her what her favorite color was and she said it was purple. I realized at that moment that I never knew that about her. All those years and I never bought her anything in her favorite color. It was moment’s like that, that made me realize how much I didn’t take the time to ask. She was a babysitter her whole life but that was all we let her be, when in fact, she was so much more.

The thing about her story that drives me is you could say her title was that of a babysitter, but she didn’t just babysit kids. She RAISED them. She raised them when their parents couldn’t. She held them when they cried and sang to them. Songs I sang to my kids later (and pets). She taught them manners and how to pray. Most importantly she loved them, without regret or fear they would not remember her, and they didn’t forget. The day she died they all came back. They cried with us and they shared their memories of her.  Her saying  “ I love you more, a lot” was funny to some but it meant more to me, which is why I put it on a sign.

THAT was what helped drive Your Shine Sign. To me, Your Shine Sign became a way to remind someone that at the end of the day they are more than a title.

It’s also why my  little baby blocks are so important to me. Not discrediting the big signs as they count too, but the babies are small enough to put anywhere so you have a daily reminder that you shine too and the world needs to see it.

Now we fast forward a year

That following year I worked at a company that I was really ready to leave. I got to where I wanted out so badly I would come home, proooobably daily with this master plan that I was going to leave and just start YSS full time. Easy enough, right?
Riiiiiiiggghhhtt. With no regular clients, really no source of income, no set schedule, and I  still had monthly bills…

But here’s what God did. He tested me.

At the end of that year he gave me a big show I had to gear up for and a subscription box all at the same time. Meanwhile, I had custom orders AND a full–time job. This was all over the course of two months. Regardless I got to work! I won’t bore you with my uphill battle but will tell you this, I found out real fast I did not want to quit my job and do signs full time. Not the way I was doing them anyway. Taboo to say I know, but it’s what I felt and just like that (snap fingers), I was back to questioning EVERYTHING! There went my retirement plan. There went my dream of just doing YSS full-time. There went my hopes of dreaming big!

Why my “why” matters

I started YSS with this big idea that I could help someone out there realize their true potential and that part never changed. The “Why” YSS began is quite simple. It’s through stories like these, blog posts, small or big signs, or just seeing me on Instagram painting, that I hope I can share some inspiration and that it drives you. I don’t know who I touch, or who listens or reads. I just hope that you get inspired by something I’ve put out there for you.

I bring up my grandma a lot because without her even knowing, she helped pioneer this part of my life.  Her words were not just words on a sign, they were a legacy. Which makes me ask you, what’s yours? What are you doing today to help your tomorrow?  Today I got an email from a reader I don’t know that inspired me writing this post. If she never reached out to say that I connected with her, in all honesty, it would have never been written, because I,  like you,  second guess everything.
(*so thanks for that Ashlynn)

As for my dream big…well as dramatic as I was at that snap of my fingers, I still till this day, continue to dream big and I won’t stop dreaming nor painting! My dreams are no match for the God I adore and His for me continue to unfold. And I sure as heck, can’t wait to see what else is coming!

Thanks for reading!

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