Where Dreams Are Made

You’re probably going to think it’s weird that I’m talking about coffee yet again. I assure you this one is a little different. This post is about my favorite coffee shop of all time – Crooked Tree, and how it’s handing over to new management, has me reflecting on some things.

When I first heard about Crooked Tree, it was during an attempt to try all the different coffee houses in Dallas. I printed a list from a website and Crooked Tree was about in the middle. I tried some of the most popular places like Ascension Coffee and Hounds Tooth, and then I walked into this house on Routh Street in Dallas called Crooked Tree. It was like a vintage love affair with the mix-matched furniture of old and new. The floorboards were worn, the décor was retro, and the people behind the bar had this cool vibe going on too! And then I tasted the coffee.  After that, I threw the list away because, for me, that was it, I found what I’d been looking for.

In the next few years, it became a meeting place for my sister-in-law Vickie and I. It was a place to meet and catch up before attending our church women’s group. When our group stopped meeting at church, we praised Jesus that it moved to Whole Foods right across the street so we had even more time for coffee and catch up! Later we talked about our dreams for The Sweet Hive and Your Shine Sign while we sat on their little green sofa in the corner sipping on our latte’s. We spent countless hours making money goals and business goals and the term “dream big” basically went hand in hand with the words Crooked Tree.

It was the beginning of our respective businesses, and (what we soon called) “CT” (Crooked Tree) played an important role. When they changed their hours a couple years ago, I think we both took it as a personal hit in our dream/ planning stages LOL.

CT also became our New Years Day ritual. We’d meet there with our family and have coffee and talk about our year. One year we brought a worksheet that we all did, including kids. We had words for the year, we talked about goals, and yes, of course, we laughed and told stories. So to the owners of CT, you didn’t even know it but my family started it’s first few hours of the last few New Years with you.

So now we are looking at the beginning stages of new management and what that entails, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll see familiar faces that ask me, “where’s your sister?”. Or run into a new face that says “you seriously drove all the way over here from Irving”. It’s an 11-mile drive from where I live and yes, there are Starbucks all over Irving. I also don’t know if the furniture will be updated or the floorboards will no longer creak, but a part of me hopes those stay.

Reflecting on it all now, I know one thing for sure. Change is inevitable. Change is good. Change means you’ve graduated from the place you once were into the place you soon need to go. People change and places change and we change with them.

For the past few days Crooked tree has been posting pictures on instagram capturing precious times in their history with past employees and guests. They had one photo in particular of a wall with names of former employees, drawn out like you would measuring a toddler against a wall. The funny thing is to me, this place was like my own personal growth map. I remember where I was when I first found  it and I can see the changes in my life too as I walked through those doors month after month and year after year. I sat in those chairs at moments of doubt and and also through seasons of triumph. I used to look at the students studying all around me in the early mornings and late nights, and never imagined that today,  I’d be a student myself! So you can see why, to me, Crooked Tree holds so much more than just a house on Routh that served coffee.  To me, it was a place where seeds were planted, family gathered, and where dreams were made.

This is a true story and funny so I had to share. When I bought my car last year I had trouble with the radio so I had to go back to the dealership. The dealership guy did some adjusting and fine-tuning then had me sit in the driver seat. He said he adjusted the volume in my overhead console and prompted me to ask “Siri” for directions somewhere. So I did – “Hey Siri find Crooked Tree”. She didn’t and so I repeated myself. The dealership guy looked at me and asked: “what’s a crooked tree??”. I rolled my eyes and asked Siri again – “SIRI, FIND CROOKED TREE COFFEE” just incase she needs more information. The dealership guy looked at me like I was crazy while my husband, standing on the other side of the vehicle rolled his eyes at me. We adjusted the volume one more time and finally, Siri found Crooked tree for me

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