We all have a Milo

Over the last few months, I’ve mentioned that I’ve felt like my life’s been spinning in circles. When it finally stops spinning, the world seems out of balance, much like it did when I was a kid playing outside on the lawn.

Just when things slow down a bit, it seems we’ve added one more thing to our plate. Not that I’m complaining at all. This year has been a blessing and we’ve got some much-needed things done around the house and in our lives. But sometimes, in those few chaotic moments, I just pray for peace.

 One of those moments occurred just recently. After Reese passed away, Sam and I contemplated getting a new dog because we could see that our other dog, Charlie, was depressed and needed a friend. We have three cats but they aren’t too friendly so Charlie is kind of the odd man out. But after a few months went by, Charlie adjusted, as did we and life for a brief moment, was peaceful.


The topic of getting another dog recently resurfaced about a week or so ago. One of the pups we thought about adopting was a pit bull. The main reason is they have such a bad reputation but they truly are such loyal companions. Second, well, I think Sam got tired of having little lap dogs and had always wanted a man’s dog. The other choice was a chow. Anyway, the subject came up so we just talked about it. Sam did say however that if we got either of those breeds, they’d have to be young to adjust to the herd of animals we have at home, which I agreed on.

 A few days later, as I walked Charlie around the block, I remember thinking, why on earth would we pay for a dog when they have a way of just walking into our lives. The very next day, again on a Charlie walk, Brianna texted me saying a friend of hers found a pit bull and it needed a home. He couldn’t keep the dog at his apartment and the dog would have to be out in the next few days. Her exact words were “MOM, he’s a pit bull and he’s only a few months old!”. Oh, but the signs were everywhere. That very night as I finished a book I was reading, a little girl gets a dog and names him Milo after her school buddy. And of course, the dog that fell into our lives the very next afternoon was named Milo. Milo was also not chipped making him ours for the keeping if we wanted him. God and his sense of humor, right?!


Milo is like a rambunctious toddler. He is teething and chews on everything. He attacked my hair when I wore it in a bun. He head-butted me in the face with his huge noggin’. He peed on my carpet three times. I can’t drink coffee and read a book at the same time on the sofa because he’s right on me. He has to be kenneled at night because he stampedes all over us when we sleep. Milo is like a dog-shaped tornado that is constantly on the move and constantly in your face.

 The fact is though, we all have a Milo of sorts. A disrupter of peace. An attention hog. That thing that nips at your heels vying for you to take notice. It’s that rambunctious “thing”, that just when you thought you had peace and quiet, it comes in like a whirl-wind and turns your life upside down. 

The thing about our Milo is, he too will settle. The teething stage will calm. We may have some scratches and bites along the way but it’ll pass. I know one day I’ll look back and think about the time I was sending silent prayers that he would be chipped only to have Sam walk out of that vet’s office with a huge smile on his face because Milo wasn’t. I’ll remember sulking just a little bit in my car thinking “come on God” because I was starting to like that little bit of calm I was just getting used to. One thing’s for certain though, and I know this  because I’ve rescued too many animals not to. Sometimes, when you least expect it, this little disruptive package finds it’s way into your life when you absolutely can’t fit one more thing in it. Then one day will come, and you’ll know exactly why you were granted that gift in the first place. You might even find out, that all along, it was you that needed to be rescued. 

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