A few weeks back I had my year-end review. I’ve only been at my company for 6 months and during my review, I had to rate myself between a 3 and a 5, then I had to explain that number. Easy enough, right? Well, not when you’ve been there half a year, and feel like you’re skimming the grass next to that totem pole. Meaning…I’m just trying to keep up at this point. Therefore I gave myself a 3 across the board.

It was during this same “review time” that I took a couple of trips to Kroger that changed the trajectory of how this post came to be. I originally started writing a post about how my own personal year in review went. I started with the highlights of goals met, bucket list items that I checked off my list, and the things I’ve learned. Almost like I did on my work review. You list all the big-ticket items that REALLY mean you accomplished something…and then I went to Kroger two nights straight and this is what happened.

Brianna and I took a quick trip to Kroger for some grocery shopping the other day and as we walked up to the entrance, there was this man with a cup of change asking for money. I knew I didn’t have any change on me and I kind of hoped he wouldn’t be right at the door on the way out but he was. Sure enough, as we exited, I could see him so I sort of veered off to the side so we wouldn’t see us. I could vaguely hear him in the distance, not sure if it was directed at me or not, and hoping it wasn’t, but I didn’t turn either. Rude I know, but it happened.

Then the next night we had to go back for a few forgotten items. I made Brianna run inside while I waited for her in the car but as I dropped her off at the front, who do I see but the man from the other day. It was night and he dropped his cup of change on the floor and was scrambling on the ground to find it all. My heart sunk as I saw him, so I pulled up to where he was on the floor so that my lights were shining on the ground for him to see. I was parked directly in the flow of traffic but I didn’t care. He needed some light so I gave it to him. I hopped off of my car and asked if he needed help and that I hoped he could see the ground a little better now. He was very thankful and was able to find all his change. Before I left him, I went in the car and emptied my console of all the change I could find and gave it to him. As we parted, he reached out, shook my hand, and said “Thank you”, and I knew he genuinely was.

That second night really got me thinking. If we were to rate ourselves with just everyday little tasks, where would we be? It’s easy to see the big things we’ve done and all the tasks completed, but what about the little ones? I can see where I’ve succeeded and where I’ve failed but these two trips to Kroger got to me. I felt bad the first night because I didn’t have change with me and ignored that poor man, but the second night I left with an even heavier heart because I didn’t have MORE to give. The thing is, it’s easy to be a 3, but in reality, it doesn’t cost you anything to be much more and you never know who’s life you just might change.

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  • That hits home for me. I definitely have had a few 3’s. I’ve noticed that the those times that I did a 3 should have been at 5 for sure. I been bless to have had the opportunity to give some 5’s. We must thrive to bless others and treat every opportunity as God given to help others in His name.

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