I Built a Shed out of Blocks

This year I built a shed out of the blocks I sold. It was a major victory for me but it also had me thinking about my year. This year I didn’t sell much. I didn’t make many things nor get the creative juices flowing almost at all. I hit a few goals here and there but for the majority of my year, I was quiet. BUT…I built a shed out of blocks!

One of the biggest goals I had on my list for years now had been this shed. I had dreams of what it would look like, smell like, and where it would sit in my yard. Some people would say it’s a “she-shed” and even though it does technically belong to a girl, it’s not your traditional she-shed. There is sawdust on the floor, two work tables, it has a pegboard for my tools and the smell…well, it smells like wood, and I love it! There are no curtains that adorn the windows, no chair for reading, nor pictures hung on the wall to look at. It’s a simple shed and exactly what I envisioned. But when I look out my window and see it sitting there on my lawn, I’m both proud and sad. Proud that I sold so many little signs to get it, and sad that I simply went quiet for the remainder of the year. Quiet with social media. Quiet with my brain-storming friends. So quiet that I don’t know that many people know who Your Shine Sign is or what it’s all about.

But let me tell you about those metaphorical blocks that built my metaphorical shed instead this year.

This year I built my shed with blocks. I had wins and I had losses. I met new people this year, and I had another year without the ones I’ve lost. I got a new job. I lost an old job. I grew a year older. I got new grey hair. I built those blocks up and I took them back down. Sometimes I’d build a few blocks at a time like when I gained the courage to go back to school. Then some came tumbling down when I lost Reese this year. But every time, I’d turn around and build them back up. Some were interchanged from fear to hope, and some from “everyday mom” to “part-time mom” as I waved to Ashley when she drove off to her new life in Austin. There were triumphs and there were failures and there were times of being stagnant and times we moved so fast we’d lose track of time. This year I built my shed with all the good, bad, and sad memories I had this year, one of which, was a brand new pup named Milo!

The reality is we all have a shed we built this year. It may not sit on our lawn and smell of wood or be filled with sawdust but we built one none the less. I’m proud of my shed this year. Both the one that sits on my lawn and the one that lives in my heart. It reminds me that every day in 2019, left its mark on me, and I on it. Before this year leaves us I just want to say thank you for reading my journey this past year. For being a friend and for listening. I appreciate the comradery and I hope you appreciate my stories. Until next year – here’s to 2019 and the shed we built!


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  • Yes, it has been a year of ups and downs.. wins and loses. Thank for being a friend and allowing me to be a new subscriber to your blog. It’s an Awesome shed. Best Wishes. Waving bye to 2019 🖐️ and Welcome in with a New Beginning 🖖

    Have a Happy New Year and that your family is prosperous and healthy. 🖖🤓👍

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