Balloons and Cupcakes

Today I was thinking about something one of my daughters said to me on her birthday this past December. She is a server in Austin and works about 60 hours per week. When I say that girl works…she WORKS! She picks up shifts left and right so she can afford her new apartment and bills but the hard part is, it hardly leaves her any free time. So that day, on her birthday, she took the day off. She had the whole day planned from start to end, beginning with sleeping in! But it seemed things didn’t go as planned right from the start as things typically go.

At her job that day, they scheduled a staff meeting that was well before any of us get out of bed, so immediately her day was thrown off. She told me that morning she got out of bed… late. She was exhausted. She had issues with her make-up. She drove through traffic (on her day off!), just so that she could sit through hours of staff lectures and new procedures. She has a saying for herself which I’ve known to be true since the day she was born. Somedays you get sunshine with her and others, it’s the thunderstorm. On this day it was the latter.

Then she walked through the door.

She said she heard someone counting down as she came through the door and immediately she took the negative insinuation that they were counting how late she was. Until she heard the staff yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. *cue tears and mental breakdown

They sang her happy birthday, gave her flowers, balloons and a cupcake and immediately all the anxiety, frustration, and mental anguish were checked at the door.

Yesterday I got an email letting me know that it’s time to renew my website. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons and I have to ask myself the dreaded question: Do I want to pay for a website that essentially does not make money or just let it go. Last year I’d planned to build the website up with more art but with school, I honestly don’t know what the next few years will look like. It also means no more stories to share unless I go with a simple blog. Then this happened. As I’m typing this right now, I got an email from my coworker which is weird because it’s well past quitting time. Turns out she was my balloons and cupcake – and I’m sure you can guess which way I’m leaning now.

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