After over forty years of trying to figure out how my love of painting and art would lead me to fulfilling my purpose, I’m happy to tell you that I think I’m finally figuring it out! I’ve always been a girl in search of my destiny and how my passion of art intercedes with it. It even kept me awake some nights. But after letting go of the reins and letting God be the driver (Let Go, Let God) He’s finally let me in on a little secret.  I’ve actually seen it my whole life, I just never stopped long enough to notice. It’s in the things I did, the things I crafted, the people I loved and the sparkle that lives within me.

If you’re new to my site let tell you a little about myself 😉

My name is Rita and I’m a mom of two, married for over twenty years, have too many rescued animals and live in Irving Texas which is a subsidiary of Dallas. I’ve always (ALWAYS) had a passion for art, painting, COLORS, vintage/ retro things, COFFEE (of course!) and I’m the kind of girl who gives of my time whenever I can even when there’s none left for me. I think that about sums me up 😉

Why Your Shine Sign:

I got the idea when I saw all these lovely signs being made and sold just about everywhere I looked. What I missed seeing was something a little more personal. My grandmother passed away a few years ago and she had a saying “I love you more, a lot”. I thought how cool it would be to put her saying on a sign. She was a lover and had a HUGE heart so to me, this was how she shined.  Thus, Your Shine Sign was born.

What this means for you:

I’m all about a pretty sign but what I want to do with Your Shine Sign is to promote the shine within. We all have it and we tend to bury it. But why? We have sayings we share, quotes we love, and we’re all unique beings.  I want to make a sign that is unique to you! And it doesn’t have to stop there. Did I mention I paint furniture too? (check out my Everything Else page)

I hope you stick around, stop by to read my blog, and shop at my Etsy Shop that is currently in the making! My plan is to bring you colorful things to look at (whatever shape that may be), put a smile on your face AND if you let me, create a custom Shine Sign for you!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!