Let Guilt Go

When I make signs, I want it to be for the better good of someone. I want you to have a sign that in some small way, helps you be a better version of yourself. If I’m honest, I have … Read More

Plan B

They say in life you have to have a Plan B. You know, a back up plan. You never know what tomorrow might bring so have a plan, and a plan for your plan, then another plan just in case … Read More

Note To Self

All things with a price tag don’t have to be hard Do you love to pay your electric bill or doctor bill? Do you feel all hearts, love and super-soft-squishy when you hand that check over? Rather poke your eyes … Read More

Dive In

Have you ever been put on the spot where you had to perform or act? Whatever it was, did you have to jump in and do it now? Sink or swim? A couple months back, I asked my brother Miguel … Read More


I am a dream chaser I am a believer in dreams And I will always, always support you as you follow yours This morning after posting this picture on Instagram, something dawned on me. Not only am I chasing my … Read More

Shiny Happy People

Today it’s all about celebrating friends! I’m lucky and blessed to have people that surround me and push me forward. I tend to go through stages when I feel like I spin in circles, or work hard and reap no … Read More

Emily’s Collection

Today something weird happened. I got a daily devotional and a bible app verse that basically said the same thing. The Holy Spirit will often stir up in our hearts an impossible dream. In our flesh, we can only respond … Read More

He Gets Me

A lot of times you hear me talk about my venture making signs and the privilege that for every step I take,  I have my sister (in law) Vickie to do it with. She sells the tees and I sell … Read More