Events! Events! Events!

When New Year’s rolled  around I wrote down my usual New Year’s Resolutions, but what I didn’t expect was when I wrote “sell a few signs”, I’d be doing THIS! Since June, it’s been a little crazy! I’m not at … Read More

Eight Soap

When I think about where I am now and how I’m creating these signs that I hope will leave a big impact, I think about what pushed me to do it. I know I didn’t get here by chance and … Read More

The Sweet Hive

If you read last week’s post you know your brand says a lot about you. They say that first impressions are so important, well so is your brand. In most cases your brand will let people know what you do … Read More

Why Does Your Brand Make You Shine?

When I was little, there were three of us girls growing up. Coming from the traditional Hispanic family, my grandma would sometimes get us girls do an assembly line and make tortillas. I actually never quite got the hang of … Read More

Don’t Give a Guac!

I thought it would be a cute twist to introduce you to a friend who’s Shine Sign is a little different than where I’m pretty sure you thought I was going with all this. Where I’m all about family sayings, … Read More

Love You More, A Lot

When I started making signs, which wasn’t too long ago at all, I used to look at Pintrest or Facebook to see what everyone else was doing and tried my best to make the same. I mean that’s what Pintrest … Read More