We All Have A Milo

We all have a Milo Over the last few months, I’ve mentioned that I’ve felt like my life’s been spinning in circles. When it finally stops spinning, the world seems out of balance, much like it did when I was … Read More

Step One

STEP 1 This weekend my husband and I helped move our daughter into her first apartment in Austin. Since we had some of her furniture at our house, we rented a Penske truck which he drove down while I drove … Read More


STARS Monday around 2 am we lost power in our house. I woke up to a hot and stuffy room and dead silence. I asked Sam what was going on with the air and he said the power was out. … Read More

Where Dreams are Made

Where Dreams Are Made You’re probably going to think it’s weird that I’m talking about coffee yet again. I assure you this one is a little different. This post is about my favorite coffee shop of all time – Crooked … Read More


MARTHA If you’re an ex-Liberty Belle and reading this post, you’ll know exactly who I’m referring to. That said, here’s a little perspective check for you.   Years back when I was in high school and in Drill Team, circa … Read More