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Personalized Children’s Growth Charts

12 rulers

I’ve had a passion for all things “colorful” for as long as I can remember. I have one memory in particular of being in 1st or 2nd grade and having to make an art project for the school art fair. There was a “popsicle stick” category I wanted to enter, so my aunt Doey bought me some popsicle sticks and glue and we got to work. I  remember thinking one thing that would push me to the top of the list was something no one else’s project would have…COLOR!

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Events! Events! Events!

When New Year’s rolled  around I wrote down my usual New Year’s Resolutions, but what I didn’t expect was when I wrote “sell a few signs”, I’d be doing THIS! Since June, it’s been a little crazy! I’m not at all saying, “woo hoo – quit my day job”,  haha! No, not at all. I’m merely saying I’ve been fortunate enough this year to actually sell signs and be busy enough to say “Let me get back to you next month”.  I can’t complain though because I love everything about it. The people I’m meeting, the empowering women I get to brainstorm with, the smiles I receive when I make someone a sign, all of it, I love it all!

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Brand, Your Shine Sign

Eight Soap

5 Maricia
When I think about where I am now and how I’m creating these signs that I hope will leave a big impact, I think about what pushed me to do it. I know I didn’t get here by chance and though technically I’m just now finding my way in my own creative world, I look at the people God put in my path that helped point me in this direction. The right direction.

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