“Your Shine Sign”



A Shine Sign is a sign that represents YOU! It’s your trademark word, phrase or “thing” that I customize on a sign for you.

We all have a catch phrase, inside joke, or a behind-the-scene special “something”.  I want to take that and paint it on a sign for you to hang in your home, put on your desk, or give to a friend.

It’s a special sign for a special person – made with love by me 😊



Because you’re better than Mona Lisa! You are unique, you are different, you are special and you deserve your own sign.

My grandma had a coined phrase she said all the time – “I love you more, A lot!”. What better way to honor her than to put her phrase on sign to be seen every day. She deserves that tribute and so do you.



The world I live in is seen through rainbow colored glasses. Therefore, the signs I create come in all shapes, sizes and COLORS!!



You can start here:

  • Think of that family quote or saying you either said years ago or do now with your own family.
  • Remember places you’ve been that were significant as a child or maybe a city or state that has significant meaning.
  • Ask yourself what everyone knows you for. For example, mine would be a coffee cup!
  • Look on your desk, bathroom, or fridge for those post-it notes that help you start your day.

These are the signs I’d love to make for you. The signs that you can’t find at a store yet are priceless.

If you have an idea of a sign or want to chat about a Shine Sign, please email me. I’d love to help!


~We all sparkle, isn’t it time we shine~